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WEbook February Newsletter

Webook's February 2015 Newsletter
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Dear WEbook,

We hope that even though February's almost through, you've all been keeping up your New Year's Resolutions to write every day! If you feel like your dedication to writing has been waning over recent weeks, there are plenty of writing opportunities available on WEbook to help coax those shy tales out from the shadows of winter blues (yes, we've got them too!).

We've set up a few of our own group projects for the WEbook community to get involved in this month. Jump right in to one of the projects below and who knows, it might just be the inspiration you need to get those literary juices pumping again!

>> The 500 Word Challenge <<
Write 500 words a day as part of this project. With the support of fellow WEbookers, you'll be back into the swing of things before you know it!
>> A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved <<
Ask your fellow WEbookers for some help! Painful paragraph? Sticky sentence? Here's the place to iron out your literary creases.
>> Pitch a Plot <<
Think you've got a great idea? Want a second opinion?
Help sort the inspired from the... not so great...

In this month's newsletter, we're featuring part two of our three week focus on self-publishing. With advice on how to get the best out of your own self-publishing experience, developing a readership has never been more straight-forwards! This month we've got some insider info from Kim Reeves, on how to make sure your ebook gets noticed by potential readers on sites like Amazon.

We'll also be announcing our Member of the Month nomination for February and highlighting a Featured Project. Of course, we've also got the hotly-contested WEbook Ebook giveaway again this month, so make sure to get your entries in early!

With some exciting updates to WEbook planned over the coming months, plus of course, the ever expanding list of projects to read and competitions to enter, make sure to keep updated with all the developments and ensure you're the first to discover great new writing talent by visiting us regularly.

Happy writing WEbookers!

The WEbook Team


For February's Book of the Month, we are showcasing the soon-to-be-released, Songs From the Laughing Tree by A.U. Latif. Be on the lookout for some giveaways of the book on our Twitter and Facebook pages over the coming weeks.

Aftab has been a member of WEbook since 2010, and his repeated successes in the monthly challenges led our editorial team to approach him for WEbook publication.

"In a town called Love, the hidden corner of India, a storyteller teeters on the brink of death. With his last breath he wreathes two fabulous tales for his dear daughter: one of a fictional prince in the city of Minzar, a city consumed by history and magic; the other of the storyteller’s own life, the cataclysms and daydreams that swept him to the devil’s door, where for another turn of the snowglobe he would sell his heart and soul."

Read an excerpt...

WEbook of the Month
Songs From the Laughing Tree

Member of the Month!

Our Member of the Month for February is...

We decided to highlight LordTilley's greatness this month because of his outstanding project contributions. Although only a newbie on the site, LordTilley added over 500 pieces of writing to WEbook in less than a month. Wow. Hats off, m'Lord!

LordTilley, perhaps unsurprisingly has loads of great submissions on WEbook for other members to read through and comment on, head on over to his Project Page and take a look.

Project Spotlight: Feb '15

Our Project Spotlight this month is on...
The Rockstar's Kiss
by S.E. Bradley

S.E. Bradley has 18 chapters of engaging writing enclosing a wonderful love story that will make you want to read late into the night.

Do you have a project that you think should be next month's Project of the Month? Or, perhaps you know of a great writer on WEbook who deserves a bit of recognition? Let us know by emailing our editorial team with your favorite projects.

Ready to Self-Publish your ebook? Let WEbook help you out...

In part two of our three edition feature on how to self-publish with success, we're going to be discussing the best way to target your ebook to customers in online stores. Our wonderful WEbook author, Kimberley Reeves (Broken), has seen huge success self-publishing her romance titles, with some even rising to the top of the Amazon Kindle charts! Sound like something you'd like to achieve as well? Well lucky for you, we've convinced Kim to spill a few of her secrets... Read on to discover what preparation she does to ensure her books' successes, and how she approaches marketing her books on sites such as Amazon, with such enviable results.

Genre and Target Audience

Your novel is polished to perfection, you have a phenomenal cover and spectacular blurb; now what?

Select the appropriate genre. Sounds simple enough, but there are some things you need to consider before choosing the obvious one. During the set-up process, you are allowed up to seven search keywords.

These are extremely important because customers searching by keywords vs. a specific genre will be able to find your novel.

Who is your target audience? Gender and age are factors, but choosing the best sub-genre is as important as selecting the main genre.

Encompass the widest possible audience. One way to discover the most popular sub-genres is to check out categories on sites like Amazon. In the Kindle Store, each genre has its own set of sub-genres.

• Pull up the top 100 freebie listings in your genre to see how they are categorizing their novels. Not only does this enable you to determine which sub-genres will suit your novel, but it also gives you ideas for new or different categories to consider.


Keywords are incredibly important if you want your book to be found.

Think about how you search for ebooks online - chances are you're using keywords. Here are a couple of things you should consider when picking your own keywords:

• Avoid repeating title and main category/genre words, as these are already in use within your listing.

• Choose keywords frequently used in a search, vs. words specific to your novel. Let's take a romance with elements of suspense, set in Santa Cruz, California, for example. Prime keywords would be: Mystery & Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Genre Fiction, Action & Adventure, Literary Fiction.

• For the last few keywords, use a broad category like 'detective', 'crime', or, 'thriller'. Avoid using words specific to the novel, like 'Santa Cruz', 'beach', or, 'California', because most customers will not hone down their search that tight.

Keywords are counted based on commas: 'Action & Adventure', 'Mystery & Suspense', 'Horror' ~ you've used five words, but actually these only count as three keywords.


Now you get to price your novel. Easy, right?

You spent a gazillion hours writing and editing and finding the perfect cover, so you should charge accordingly. About $150 an ebook should cover it, minus the pain and suffering which goes with the territory, of course. One small problem; no one will buy it at that price. And there is the conundrum all Indie writers run in to: If I price it too high, no one will buy. If I price it too low, people will think it’s substandard and not buy.

Research! Find out the average price of ebooks in your genre. Genre makes a huge difference. The market is flooded with romance novels, meaning supply is high & cost is lower.

Consider the size of your novel. A 120,000 word novel should be priced higher than a 60,000 word one.

Experiment! If you price your novel at $3.99 and it’s not selling, lower the price to $2.99 and see what happens.

Sale volume often makes up for price difference. Do be patient before deciding to adjust the pricing though; it may take a while for your sales to pick up momentum.

Broken by Kimberley Reeves
WEbook Ebook Giveaway!

This month we're going to be giving away copies of Kimberley Reeves' Broken
Read an excerpt...

In order to be in with a chance of winning this month's prize, all you need to do is answer this question:

What is the name of the town in India where, 'Songs from the Laughing Tree', is set?

Enter Now!

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

WEbook's January Newsletter

Webook's January 2015 Newsletter


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Dear WEbook,
Welcome to the first WEbook newsletter of 2015!

This year we've got some really exciting developments for WEbook planned. We can't let you know what they're going to be just yet, but all will be revealed over the coming months... We will of course be continuing to publish our member's projects as WEbooks, and as ever, if you think you could be our next author, then do let us know!

In this month's newsletter we're nominating another Member of the Month and a Reviewer of the Month too. If you have a member who you think should be nominated for next month's top spots, then get nominating!

We're also starting our three month focus on self-publishing and how you can get the best out of your own self-publishing experience. This month we're delving into the world of preparation, with the next two instalments including advice on how to build a fan base, how to market you book effectively for free(!!) and how you can help your book rise to the top of the reader charts.

Happy reading, and as ever, happy writing, WEbook!

The WEbook Team


Our WEbook of the Month for January has to be our newest release, Forecast Today: Mostly Deadly, by D.S.Loren. You may already recognise the author's name from her previously published, epic Russian novel Dasvidaniya Rodina, but

WEbook of the Month
People in unfamiliar circumstance almost always go with what they know and what they're familiar with. Take the plot of KING KONG, for example. A bunch of guys find themselves unexpectedly exploring a dangerous, uncharted, and mysterious island, and find to their amazement, honest-to-gawd dinosaurs and a big monkey. So what did they bring back to civilization? The monkey! Everyone's seen a big monkey. Nobody has ever seen a dinosaur. So what did they do? They went with what they were familiar. Look, I don't argue that it makes sense or is reasonable. I only argue that people go with what they know even if it's a big monkey. There's big monkey in this story and what follows is pretty much what I know.

Forecast Today: Mostly Deadly will be released at the end of January

while the author remains the same, this book could not be more different! Set across the Atlantic from Dasvidaniya, we find ourselves back on familiar American soil surrounded by a host of superbly drawn characters and gripping action!

Reviewer of the Month!
Our Reviewer of the Month for January is...

We have selected Miss_Ladybug for her excellent contribution to P2F! With a standard-setting number of ratings this month, Miss_Ladybug might be joining the Expert Raters ranks very soon! Can you beat her to it?
Miss_Ladybug has got some really great projects on WEbook and there's loads of her work to choose from, head on over to her Project Page to take a look!

Member of the Month!
Our Member of the Month for January is...

LostV has achieved a fantastic all-round contribution to WEbook. With work put into her own projects, as well as taking the time to help other out too, submitting an entry to the Monthly Challenge and rating P2F submissions, LostV has proved herself to be a member worth of some serious note! Why not take a look at some of Lost V's projects, such as The Necromancers.

Thinking about self-publishing? Think you're ready? Maybe it's time to think again...

Get ready for part one of our three month feature on how to effectively self-publish! One of our WEbook authors, Kimberley Reeves (Broken), has seen huge success self-publishing her romance titles, with some even rising to the top of the Amazon Kindle charts! We've teamed up with Kim to discover what preparation she does to ensure her books' success, and how she approaches marketing her books with consistently positive results in such a flooded marketplace.
The Novel
After that last line is written and you sit back with a satisfied smile, the frantic need to get your novel out there sets in.

If you cannot afford, or simply choose not to use a professional copy-editor, it is imperative that you edit your book line by line, checking for misspelling, grammatical errors, plot holes, and making sure you've tied up all the loose ends.

Nothing kills a story like plowing through typos or missing words and the last thing you want is for someone to leave a review stating it would have been a great novel if it weren't for all the mistakes...
Get Writing!

The Cover
Whether we like it or not, people do tend to judge a book by its cover, so it is incredibly important to have a fabulous, eye-catching one.

Selecting the right font, font color, and placement of title and author name is also important. You don't want anyone skimming past your novel because the title was whitewashed by a colorful cover.

There are plenty of websites that you can use to find cover inspiration from other books in your genre, and if you're not graphically talented, it might be worth considering hiring a freelancer to help you out.

The Blurb
Once you've captured a potential reader's attention with a great cover, the next step is to reel them in with an exciting blurb.

No matter how good your novel is, a boring blurb could dissuade them from choosing your book.

It's difficult to hone it down to a few paragraphs after spending months or years creating a story that took you thousands of words to convey, so don't be afraid to ask a friend or fellow writer to help you out.

For inspiration why not read some of the blurbs from books that have hooked you in?
Start one now!


WEbook Ebook Giveaway!
This month we're going to be giving away copies of Sarah Szabo's In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter. In order to be in with a chance of winning this month's prize, all you need to do is answer this question:

Where is 'Forecast Today: Mostly Deadly' set?
Clue: read the description in this newsletter!

Enter Now!

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

WEbook's December Newsletter

WEbook's December Newsletter 
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Dear WEbook,
Welcome to the final WEbook newsletter of 2014!
It's been quite a year for all of us at WEbook - both staff and members alike. Following on from WEbook's relaunch as a publisher back in 2013, we've fully embraced our new role and by the end of the year we will have published ten WEbook titles, with even more on the way for 2015.
In this month's newsletter we will be discussing our newest WEbook release, In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter by Sarah Szabo, along with an exclusive discount code for WEbook members to celebrate its release!
We'll also be giving some updates on the upcoming WEbook Challenge Anthology, discussing how you can improve your writing by avoiding using clichés (because Christmas is prime cliché time!), and of course our regular Member Spotlights and Member of the Month nominations!
As ever, we're on the look-out for more members to publish as WEbooks, so this month we're going to be asking for YOUR nominations. Do you have a favourite author on the site who you'd love to see published? Let us know!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the WEbook Team
See you in 2015!
In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter
"Ok. Unless you’re Jet Hunter - this is not for you but I get it. It’s a blistering read and what else have you got to do? I recorded my life over the 53 days of this summer holiday – warts and all (honesty is the best policy when it comes to other people’s shortcomings). Anyway If you’ve chosen to come along for the ride, don’t tell Nicole and keep your mitts off Jet Hunter."
Book of the Month!
WEbook's Book of the Month for December is our newest release, In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter, by Sarah Szabo.
Sarah is a freelance lifestyle journalist based in Australia who was picked up for publication under WEbook's previous ownership. In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunterwon a peer voted competition for WEbook publication, but unfortunately by the time everything was ready, WEbook had gone offline... and that's where we come in! After posting a link to the book on the site, it was noticed by one of our editors and we jumped to offer Sarah a second chance for Jet Hunter to become a WEbook - which she happily accepted!
To claim your exclusive 50% discount on the ebook of,  In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter, enter the code JETHUNTER4EVA in the WEbook Store.
Redeem Now!
Members of the Month
This month we have decided to honour some of our members who gave the most back to the community with their ratings! Initially this seemed like an easy task, but soon we realised that so many of you were rating so many P2F submissions that we couldn't just give one of you the credit.
So, here is our leaderboard:
1) momcat with 388 ratings
2) Marinero with 112 ratings
3) HotShots with 79 ratings
4) Keywizard with 77 ratings
-) girlbird with 77 ratings
Writer of the Month
Congratulations to OpterOnyx who has been selected as our Writer of the Month! With almost 150 pieces of content added over the last month, we're sure this guy has got plenty of exciting stories to tell the world! Check out some of his projects: The Dead (Series) - Book Oneand EnRaged: The Story of the Rage Virus.
How to Avoid Clichés in Your Writing
Don't Borrow - Invent!
Although it's tempting to re-write the stories you already know, this is exactly where you'll find yourself using the most clichés. The same stories written again and again risk falling into a trap of familiarity where you'll find yourself employing over-used phrases such as 'frightened to death', 'head over heels', 'woke up on the wrong side of the bed', and hundreds more.

The best way to avoid this is to write about what you know and ideally, have experienced yourself. Never been to space? Then don't write about your journey there. Been scuba diving? Then write about your personalexperience. Think about your own impressions, write them down and create your own, original turns of phrase.
Slow. It. Down.
There is a common self-consciousness surrounding 'boring' the reader, which more often than not means that a story can become rushed and dotted with cliché. When detail is omitted either through editing or overuse of cliché to characterise using stereotypes, the scene is often not set well enough for the reader to become immersed in a story.

Try this writing experiment: write a story which you think will bore the reader with detail and then write one which you think is going to be exciting and hold their attention. Get some feedback from your writing buddies on which one they think is the better piece. You'll likely find yourself surprised at the outcome...

Start Writing
Melodrama is for Teens
Life is not a continual stream of interesting and earth-shattering events. Remember this when you're writing. Your readers will become much more immersed in the story you tell them if you leave the melodrama at home with your teenage self. Employing gratuitous depictions of events render them unbelievable to your reader and you'll find yourself relying on cliché to make your events sound more grounded and realistic.

High-action is one thing, but when this is all the story contains, your readers will quickly become desensitised and loose interest in the events. Keep them on the edges of their seats, tease them and then let the drama out!

November Challenge
Congratulations to Finnean Nilsen for winning the November Music Challengewith his entry Drifting.
Special mentions also go to the five runners up, TiberiousG with Step by Step, Alina Voycewith Act of Remembrance, RainbowBlightwith If I Kiss You Where It's SoreKenWebbwith Gimme Shelter and Girlbird with The Catyville Baptist Church Brawl! Don't forget that our December to Remember Challenge is now open and waiting for your entries. Good luck!
NaNoWriMo Winner!
Congratulations to BeverleyLove who has been selected as the winner of our NaNoWriMo Publication ChallengeBeverlyLove's entry, The Hit, had the whole judging pannel in complete agreement (which is virtually unheard of!). 'The Hit' - or what we've seen so far of it - has intrigued us and we can't wait to read more! We'll keep you all updated as we progress withBeverleyLove to turn 'The Hit' into our next WEbook!
WEbook Ebook Giveaway
This month we're giving away five copies of Sarah Szabo's In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter. To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is answer this simple question:
What 53 day holiday period is 'In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter' set in?
Enter Now!