Holy WEbooks, Batman!


Wow! There are now
more than 40 active book
on WEbook.com! We have something for just about everyone, so
get in there and start writing.

This week’s featured book goes out to all the WEdudes. Check out 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
Read anemett’s
hilarious how-to on rolling
the perfect joint
, and kilgore’s
mouthwatering guide to grilling
the world’s most gorgeous steak
. Give
them feedback on their writing – and on their manly maneuvers. Then
write your own chapter! You know you’re the best a man can get – it’s
time to share your secrets with the rest of the testosterone
tribe. And, ladies, don’t be shy. So you haven’t gotten a proper back
rub since
your pro-wrestler cousin moved to Texas? Quit griping about it, and
tell the men how it’s done!

If 101
doesn’t get your engine running, find other books in active projects. Window shop straight from this page, or choose
from a list of 39 different genres, including health,
and families
, and travel. And if your fellow WEbookers haven’t started
the perfect book for you, start
your own

Feeling lost? Don’t
worry. Our FAQ will answer the most common questions
about WEbook. And the WEbook team is hard at work
improving the user experience. In the
days to come, you’ll be seeing all kinds of improvements on the site, including
a streamlined process for creating new books, and cool ways to make sure you
can find the people and the projects you’re looking for.

Keep your eyes on this blog for updates on site features,
industry news, and profiles of the hottest WEbooks and WEbookers. Till next time, happy

-- Melissa

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