If You’re a Runner and You Know it, Grab Your Pen


This morning, the season’s first purple crocus popped its
head out of the dirt in my neighbor’s backyard. Forget that cowardly groundhog -- spring has sprung! And right about now, half a million perky,
ponytailed aerobics instructors are looking out at empty, mirrored rooms,
wondering: Where is everyone?   

We’re all in the park, of course – running!

If you’re out there, too, you’re in good company at WEbook. Check out My
Running Life
, where project leader JenWilloughby and her
fellow WEbookers share their tales from the trails. Read about krysk’s return to running after a
cold-weather hiatus. Share WEbook
featured writer MotherJungle’s
travails and triumphs as a running newbie. And find out what keeps WEbooker MHeinz out on those L.A.
sidewalks even though, as she says, “I’m not sure I like to run.”

When you’re done reading, help JenWilloughby “see into
the hearts of other runners.” Pick up
your pen, stretch those writing muscles, and share the story of why, how, and
where you run. Then put those shoes back
on and treat yourself to a nice, long…walk.

Now, doesn’t that feel good?


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