WEbook Goes Global


We have some serious adventurers in our midst, WEbookers – and they can write!

WEbook top writer Sarah is bringing together
stories of life in distant lands in the anthology Ex-Pat
It’s one of the most active projects on WEbook, and if you haven’t read it yet, you’re
missing out!

As Sarah
writes in the project description for Ex-Pat Journal,
“The best way to see the world is to be a local yourself.” She invites WEbookers to “tell us your
experiences living and working abroad. Share your adventures from around the
world and WEbook authors can help you
become a published author.”

If you’ve ever wondered how
long it takes to get from Nicaragua to Costa Rica on a bus
(answer: a heck of a lot longer when there’s no air
conditioning), or how
to survive a year-long teaching contract in Korea
(answer: carry a pastel blue thermos decorated with cartoon
bunny rabbits wielding toilet plungers),  Ex-Pat Journal is
for you.

Want to join the fun? Take a look at Ex-Pat Journal’s
most recent submission, “Living
Uncomfortably in Cambodia
.” In this
thoughtful and funny piece, georgie
explores the ins and outs of class difference in a country “deeply scarred from
30 years of war and genocide,” where “nothing is quite as it seems.” (And if you think you can’t laugh out loud at
an article with the words Khmer Rouge
in it, georgie will prove
you wrong.)

When you visit Ex-Pat Journal, be
sure to bring your red pens. All the
stories are active works-in-progress, and improving work through feedback
revision is at the heart of what it means to be a WEbooker.  Help TsungChi wrap up his curious tale
of an injured
cow, a Thai policeman, and 2000 Bhat
– and suggest some ways for WEbook
featured writer MotherJungle
to answer lingering questions about the root
of spiritual truths, found in the beautiful simplicity of a
child’s birthday party in Costa Rica

If you’ve ever lived abroad, you’re invited to contribute to
Ex-Pat Journal. And keep your eyes open – one of these days,
I’ll chime in and tell the whole story of my stint as the honorary postmistress
of the Osaka Prefecture in Japan

-- Melissa

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  1. I've read some of the stories here - they're wonderful. Thanks for highlighting them!


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