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Way to go, WEbookers! You officially made it impossible for me to
pick just one “featured project” this week. There’s just too much interesting writing happening on the site!

Like Gumshoe
Gertie and the Oriental Daggers
, an old-fashioned whodunit with a
decidedly new-fashioned heroine. Author gumnaam is working on Chapter 2
now – go check
it out
, give your feedback, and help gumnaam figure out what Gertie
should do about the naked corpse in her office.  Who knows? Gumshoe
 could shape up into the hottest beach read of the summer
-- and we’ll all be able to say we knew it when.

If you’re in a more serious mood, I recommend WEbooker davidgrundy’s article “An
Echo in Another's Mind: My Grandfather and Glenn Gould's Bach,”
in Rhyme +
Rhythm = Reason for Living
a collection of essays about the power of
music in everyday life. Full disclosure
and own-horn-tooting: I am not only the
proud leader and editor of this project – I’m also a contributor! After you’re done reading about how Glenn
Gould helped davidgrundy
find communion with his emotionally distant grandfather, you can read about how
Def Leppard changed my life in “I’m
Hot, Sticky Sweet.”
While you’re at
it, check out the other submissions in Rhyme +
Rhythm = Reason for Living
, and write one of your own!

Finally, work up an appetite over at Food
for Thought: Stories You Can Taste
where project leader Gila and her fellow WEbookers are
sharing their culinary trials and tribulations. If you’ve ever wondered what happens if you make matzo balls with
scrambled eggs
, this is the project for you. Read about the father-in-law who won’t pick up the check at his son’s
rehearsal dinner
, the aunt who criticizes everything her niece puts in her
, and much more. Then share your
own tales of “food don’ts that real people do.”

It’s easier than ever to read and write on WEbook – and it shows! Browse Active Projects for more
great reading. Don’t forget to let the
writers know what you think of ‘em – and if you’re feeling authorial, post a
contribution or start a
project of your own.


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