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I’m not the first person to be impressed by WEbooker MotherJungle’s
writing. Years ago, she wrote a story
for ARTnews, about art from a dog’s point of view. She says it was “a silly piece…in response to
[an article by] Steve Martin.” Well,
apparently Steve Martin didn’t think it was so silly. A few weeks after she submitted the article
to ARTnews, MotherJungle
got a call from International Creative Management. The agent on the other end of the line said
her article was “one of the funniest things he’d read.” Did MotherJungle have anything
else he could take a look at?

“The silence,” writes MotherJungle. “ I’ll
always remember the silence. I had nothing.”

Lucky for WEbook, MotherJungle has been
writing up a storm since that long-ago phone call. You can read about spirituality and community
in Costa Rica in her article for WEbook’s Ex-Pat Journal,
Rica has Taught Me a Thing or Two.
” Or go to The First Year to
read “Math
Wasn’t Like This in My School
,” a touching story about a young teacher, a student
with a butane lighter, and the most important equation of all: Trust. 

hails from Minnesota, and has lived in Costa Rica for ten years. She left the States “with a husband and three
dogs.” Now she’s single with two kids. Her youngest son was born with Down Syndrome,
and MotherJungle says that “the
incredible help I get for his care heavily tilts the scales to stay in this
safe and peaceful Central American country.”

first realized she was a writer when she read Bird by Bird, Ann Lamott’s classic memoir about the writing
life, on a long flight to Florida twelve years ago. And she’s not just a writer! She’s also produced and hosted two radio
programs at an international radio station in Costa Rica, and she’s working on
her third, SunStruck Radio. (Listen to the podcast here.)

In addition to “Costa
Rica has Taught Me a Thing or Two
” and “Math
Wasn’t Like This in My School
,” MotherJungle has also
written articles for WEbooks My Running Life,
Motherhood, and Bouncing
Back from a Breakup.

Wow! What a WEbook resume!

Keep an eye out for this top writer – I have a feeling we’re
going to be seeing a lot more of her on WEbook
in the days to come.

-- Melissa

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