How to Find WEbook Collaborators on the Web


The internet is so integrated in our lives that for most of
us it's hard to imagine not having access to it. It's possible to do everything
on the web – and now you can participate in collaborative novels and
anthologies on WEbook. It's never been
easier to start a project – but once you start it, where can you find writers, reactors, and other collaborators?

First of all, it’s always fun to get your friends to participate. Whether they
end up writing with you or just give you feedback, WEbook is a great way to introduce your
friends to your writing passion. And who
knows? They may discover their inner writer as well. If you're looking to dip
into a wider pool of writers, the internet gives you access to millions of
people who have something to contribute. You can start by taking a look through
WEbook itself. If you want to do something
in the travel
genre, be on the lookout for other members who have participated in projects similar
to yours. If you send them a message, you can recruit current members to your
project, both to write and to give feedback.

Facebook, MySpace, and other social
networking sites are excellent places to track down people who have the same
interests as you. Discussing your project in groups and public forums will garner
interest and attract attention, and perhaps even bring new writers to your

Another place to look for WEbook
collaborators is the blogosphere. Google actually has a special search that
pertains only to blogs, at
If you wish to start a project about parenting, try searching terms like "kids,"
"children," and "parents." You’ll find bloggers who already
have writing experience in your area of interest. It's just a matter of
directing them to WEbook, where their
writing can be given a chance to be included in a published book.

As a project leader, of course, you don’t want only writers. You also want
readers who can think critically and put their opinions onto that feedback page
that's just begging to be filled. On blogs you can find people who may not want
to write, but wouldn't mind giving professional or experienced feedback on what
you're writing on. This input is invaluable, as sparkling accuracy gives
writing strength.


For other places to find writers, check out writing sites
and forums such as:

The internet is a virtuously inexhaustible resource, with enormous amounts of
untapped potential.  If you want to encourage involvement in your
project, don't wait for participation to come to you. Start clicking and find
it! And if you find any other gold mines in which you've met other writers
eager to develop their talent, let us know!


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