How WEbook Grows Wings


As the WEbook content
manager, I get a lot of mail asking questions like:

Is WEbook interested in
publishing the memoirs of a 97-year-old champion tight-rope walker? An absurdist novel based on the life of Jimmy
Dean, country music star and father of the pre-made breakfast sausage?  A
history of manufactured adhesives and their effect on the American postal

Well, obviously, I’m deeply interested in the life of
Jimmy Dean
. But that’s not the
point. See, WEbook is different from traditional
publishers. We don’t base our decisions on
the opinion of one or two (or three or four or five) editors – we base them on
the opinion of the entire reader and writer community. In order to succeed, we need a community that is strong, vibrant, and
engaged enough to support quality publishing decisions.

That, my
, means you.

So consider this a call to arms. If you like the idea of a place where you can
write, read, and get published without running the gauntlet of the traditional
publishing machine or being forced to foot the bill to publish your own work, get
in there. Find projects you like – Active
is a great place to start – and submit your work.

Or start
your own project
, but don’t stop there! Check out top WEbooker
tahrasep’s guest blog entry
on how
to find WEbook collaborators on the web
, and visit this blog regularly for more
pointers from fellow WEbookers
on how to get the most out of the site. Above all, get involved! Give
feedback to other submissions, join the forums,
and find groups
of like-minded writers.

My tip of the day? Find a writer you like – there are some great ones in Ex-Pat Journal and 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
– and leave feedback for their
work. Then visit their profile! Send them a message to say hello, and invite
them to read something of yours. Voila! Instant collaboration.

Feeling shy? Start
with me. Add me as a friend, and drop me a note to let
me know how your WEbook experience is

You and me, WEbookers
– let’s get this publishing revolution started.

-- Melissa



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