Ryan Placchetti, WEbooker of the WEek, Does Not Fight Bears


If you’ve been paying close attention to WEbook in the past few weeks, you may have
noticed this guy, Ryan_Placchetti,
going around writing about how
to fight a bear
. Well, it turns out
that Ryan has never
actually fought a bear. He says so right
here in the first sentence of his submission to 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
“I'm going to preface this article by pointing out that I have never
actually fought a bear.” That’s right. Ryan is not a superhuman
bear-wrestling machine. I’m not sure
he’s even ever seen a bear. Sorry to
disappoint you.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that Ryan writes a mean
sentence, an even meaner paragraph, and a downright vicious article. His poetry
isn’t too cuddly, either. I first
noticed Ryan over at
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
. He also has his own project, a collection of 20-29
from writers ages 20-29ish, and you’ll find him all over WEbook, helping other writers refine their
work with his insightful feedback.

“Wait a second, Melissa. You’re saying he’s never fought a bear, and he’s a poet – and now he’s insightful, too?”

Yep, that’s what I’m saying. But don’t jump to conclusions. Ryan is no ivory tower
lightweight. He just completed a six-year
stint in the Army as a signals intelligence analyst, including 12 months in Baghdad.  He’s 24 years old, and he’s about to head off
to West Chester University, where
he’ll study English and creative writing.

As of today, Ryan is the first recipient of the
soon-to-be-heralded title:  WEbooker of
the WEek. Props and benefits include a
new WEbook T-shirt, future public recognition
and esteem, and crazy bragging rights. If you find yourself in Philly, keep your eyes peeled for a prodigiously
talented young writer wearing a WEbook
T-shirt, and give that man a pat on the back.

In addition to his work on WEbook,
Ryan has a blog, Perish The Reason,
and he’s writing the second draft of a novel about a schizophrenic Army
Private, which he started when he was in Iraq. On the 101
Things Facebook Group
, he’s posted
dozens of things every man should know how to do after learning how
to fight a bear
. We’re looking
forward to his next WEbook submissions with

-- Melissa

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  1. A WEbook T-shirt! Serious? Cool.
    The bookstore should sell coffee mugs to go along with Pandora.
    I'm sure that if he ever met a bear, he'd win!

  2. I appreciate your good faith estimate of my masculine prowess.


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