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We’ve made a few improvements to the way things work around WEbook. I thought you’d like to know.

All WEbook
submissions can now receive a rating along with feedback! If you’ve given feedback to submissions
already, you can go back and add a rating. Since WEbook submissions are
constantly being revised and improved, you can change your rating at any
time. Ratings are a great tool for
writers to gauge reader response at a glance, and for leaders of multi-author
projects to decide which submissions should be included in the finished

Search: You can now filter your search for
projects by genre/topic and language. You can also search
for groups
by name or description.

FAQ: We updated our FAQ, so if you’ve been finding yourself
with frequent questions, check it out. A
particularly nifty video
can be found at “What
is WEbook About?

I hope you’re as pleased about all this as I am, WEbookers. As always, we’re dying to hear your feedback
and suggestions for how we can make WEbook
an even better home for writers, readers, reviewers, and other creative
folks. Leave
feedback on the forum
, or email us at

Happy writing!

-- Melissa

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