WEbooker of the WEek Candice Tells the Truth


In the overview of her WEbook project Creative
, candice writes:


I'm no good at creating
characters or devising plots. Poems only come to me once in a blue moon. But I
still love to write! Under my bed and in my closet are chock full of 'stories'
in countless journals and over time these true stories or viewpoints have been
written in a kind of style that's beyond factual, technical reporting. I've
come to learn that this 'style,' this thing I automatically do, has a name;
creative non-fiction!

In addition to Creative
, you can find candice’s
“true stories and viewpoints” in her project Dreaming On, a
collection of “recurring, strange, erotic, terrifying, or prophetic” dreams
from WEbookers far and wide, plus a handful of other WEbook
, including Motherhood and  Rhyme +
Rhythm = Reason for Living.
She’s also written over 2 dozen reviews of work
by her fellow WEbookers!

In recognition of her quality submissions and
insightful reviews, candice is the recipient
of the coveted WEbooker
of the WEek
award. What better way
to introduce her to her soon-to-be-adoring fans than to ask her to share the
true story of her writing life?

Here it is, WEbookers! Enjoy.


was born in Manhattan in 1977 (year of the big blackout and Son of Sam) from
Puerto Rican and Dominican parents. I was mostly raised in Queens and have been
living in Brooklyn for about 7 years. I lost my mom to cancer 10 years ago. She
gave me my middle name, Candice, so it is the penname I give myself here in
order to honor her.


I am not writing or thinking of what to write, I am raising my 1 year old son,
Alex. I try to take part in the local La Leche League meetings once a month, a
group of mothers who breastfeed. Once a week I teach Spanish to Senior Citizens
that are mostly African Americans from the South and who have wanted to better
communicate with Latinos in their community.


many people, I’ve had my share of odd jobs, enjoying some more than others;
receptionist, tutor, note taker for Deaf students, babysitter, pageant model’s
assistant, park cleaner, cashier, summer English teacher. I am almost done with my studies at Hunter
college in Latin American Caribbean Studies.


I was about 12 or 13 I was given a diary. I pretty much haven’t stopped writing
since. Aside from the cathartic venting I get to do, it took me awhile to
realize that writing could be done with more flair, style, and fun, so I
started to take it more seriously. My
thing seems to be creative nonfiction, memoir-type pieces.


As an extra bonus, I asked candice to share her
least favorite work in the English language. The verdict: Horny. So if you’re going to
write a steamy submission on WEbook, and
you want a good review from a WEbooker
of the WEek
, be sure to use the words aroused
or in the mood. Anything but horny.

Till next time, happy writing!

-- Melissa

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