Does Hockey Suck? Apparently, Yes.


The oh-so-lovely Melissa is still on vacation, so once again avid WEbook Blog readers will have to settle for a lowly intern...

This morning, I put my marketing responsibilites to the side and jumped into the pool, reading some of the hundreds of projects in progress at WEbook.

One instantly caught my eye.  As a sports fan and true cynic (I'm still dealing day-to-day with the highly evolved mentality of the college man, after all), it is no surprise that my favorite read du jour on WEbook would be one that sheds light on three fascinating topics: the perpetually happy, men, and hockey.

Why Hockey Sucks and Other Random Thoughts is a collection of ramblings (humorous, insightful, and all-too-accurate) by a man who, it is safe to say from his nearly instant replies to my numerous WEbook messages, has too much time on his hands.  Although this may be his employer's loss, it is definitely my gain.

WEbooker Balaspa tells it like it is and, even if you disagree with his views (which you more than likely will, especially when he dares to touch on basketball), Why Hockey Sucks and Other Random Thoughts is an engaging light read that will elicit a laugh or two after a long day at the office (or in the middle, as is my good fortune).

Now, as a self-published author three-times over, Balaspa has high hopes for this project and plans to submit the whole collection to WEbook's inaugural voting cycle on July 4.

Help Balaspa convince the world that hockey sucks by reviewing and rating this entertaining project! Or spam his WEbook inbox with angry messages (which he would probably find very amusing). Either way, enjoy!


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