Mr. Man Tip Scores WEbook of the WEek Honors


There’s a new voice over at 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
WEbook’s hilarious “manthology” of dude do’s
and don’ts – and that voice belongs to Mr. Man Tip, resident expert in all
things guy. (Sort of.)

Mr. Man Tip is the brainchild of WEbooker infynitemonkeys, our
newest WEbooker
of the WEek
. Infynitemonkeys has
been knocking around WEbook for a while,
writing about how to properly wear
a Speedo
and how to escape
an alien abduction
. He also gives
fantastic feedback,
and he’s an invaluable member of forum
to help shape the direction of 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

hit gold with the invention of Mr. Man Tip, prompting fellow WEbooker SeaUrchin to ask: “Did you ever think this would be your true
calling, Mr. Heloise?” Visit 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
to read Mr. Man Tip’s tips on drinking
milk at bars
, convincing your wife to let you keep
your old junk
, and fixing
absolutely anything
around the house. When you’re done reading, hop over to the forums
to suggest new topics for Mr. Man Tip to cover.

But before you go anywhere, let’s get to know Mr. Man Tip
himself, a.k.a. infynitemonkeys,
a.k.a. WEbooker
of the WEek

has a B.S. in Ocean Engineering from Florida Tech, and his professional
experience falls into the “much-heralded, but less-than-literary field of deep
sea diving.”   In his own words, “My
interest in writing stems from years of technical writing in this field, and an
active imagination on long plane rides.”  Infynitemonkeys  currently lives in Vienna, Austria, where he
is busy studying German and “failing at the art of homemaking.”  You can
read more in his blog,

In keeping with WEbooker
of the WEek
tradition, I asked infynitemonkeys a few
random questions:

Q:  What was the last truly
horrible book you picked up?  Did you finish it?

Undaunted Courage,
by Steven Ambrose.  No, I didn't finish it.  I can't remember why I
didn't like it.  I do remember that hitting myself over the head with it
didn't help.

Q:  What was the first concert you
ever attended?

Pink Floyd's The Wall, 1990, in Berlin shortly after the
wall came down.  Five hundred thousand people.  Haven't seen a better
concert since. 

Q:  What is your favorite joke?

A piece of string walks into a bar.  Bartender says,
"We don't serve strings in here."  The string goes outside and
sits on the curb.  He gets an idea.  He takes his top half and ties
it into a knot, then frays the ends.  Inside, the bartender sees him.
"Aren't you that string I just got rid of?"  Strings says,
"Nope, I'm a frayed knot."

plans to submit his first novel, The
Legend of Vinny Whiskers
to the inaugural WEbook voting cycle on July 4th.
The story? In a few words: “ Zoo gone wrong, animals attacked in their
own cages, one prairie dog to save them all.” Keep your eyes open.

-- Melissa

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