Quick Tip of the Day: Submit to Active Projects


Lately, lots of WEbookers
have been asking me:  Is it better to submit to projects that are
already in progress, or should I start my own project? My answer: It depends on what you’re writing, and what
your goals are – but if you want more readers sooner, submit to one of WEbook’s
many active projects.

come with a big bonus: A
built-in audience. If you’re looking to
get feedback and improve your writing, there’s no better way to do it than to
get involved with a project where WEbookers are already working
hard to create something great. You can
read the other submissions, get to know the other writers, and give feedback.  Other project participants are bound to return the favor. Active projects are also
more likely to have interested readers who are already engaged with other
submissions – and ready and waiting to read yours.

To tell if a project is accepting submissions from WEbookers far and wide, take a
look at the “Book Info” box for the project. If it says, “Participants: The
WEbook Community” and “Who can write: All Participants,” you’re good to go. For regular tips on my personal favorite active projects, visit the
WEbook Projects
section of this blog.

Of course, if you’re writing a book all by yourself – say,
The Great American Novel, or a how-to guide for left-handed chess players, or a
complete history of pre-modern Bavaria – you’ll probably need to start your own
project.  Even then, it’s a good idea to get involved
with some active projects,
either by writing or giving feedback. If
people like your writing, they might visit your other projects.  Before you
know it, you’ll have more feedback for that Great American Novel than you know
what to do with.

-- Melissa

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