Today on WEbook: Genres, Keywords, Publication, and More!


Once again, the WEbook developers
have made some changes and improvements to the site – a lot of them based on
real, live feedback from real, live WEbookers.  Some of the changes are cosmetic, like the
new purple “Read it” button and the spiffy orange stars for ratings (they’re
actually old-fashioned typewriter-font asterisks!).  Other
highlights include:

New landing pages for genres! To see an example, check out the Travel page. You’ll find a host of projects offering
opportunities for aspiring travel writers. To see more genres, go to Active Projects and use
the genre pulldown menu.

Speaking of genres, we have a few new ones – you can now
find short stories,
novels, and poetry collections using
the genre menu. (Note for poets: If you started your poetry collection more
than a few weeks ago, check to make sure it’s labeled correctly. Go to your project and click on “Edit Project
Settings” in the “My Tools” menu. If the
poetry button isn’t clicked, click it! It’s that easy. Your project will
now show up on the poetry
genre page
, and when a user does an advanced search for

Project leaders can also choose not just one, but two genres for their project to be
associated with! If you already have a
project underway, use “Edit Project Settings” to add a second genre.

Project leaders can now label their projects with
keywords. This is the only the first
step in our quest to make it easier for writers, readers, and reviewers to find the
projects they’re interested in. Keep
your eyes open for many more improvements in tagging and searchability in the
coming months!

Finally, if you’re the leader of a project, you may notice
that “My Tools” has a new menu option – Submit
for Publication!
Starting July 4, you’ll be able to use
this menu option to enter your completed WEbook project for community voting. WEbook
will select its next published books from the projects voted in the top 10%.

To prepare your project for competition, you can now remove submissions. If a submission doesn’t cut the mustard, you
can remove it from your project by clicking on “Manage Submissions” in the “My
Tools” menu. You’ll be going into the WEbook vote with only the
strongest project submissions.

WEbook is working
tirelessly to improve the writing, reading, and reviewing experience for its
users. We can’t do it without you, the
dedicated WEbooker. Post your suggestions on the WEbook
Feedback forum
, and help us help you. (For bugs and other technical difficulties, give a holler to the Report
Bugs forum

-- Melissa

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