Toxic Poop is Good Readin’


Maybe I’m squeamish, but the title Toxic
Poop: Stories from the Other Side of the
doesn’t immediately make me think, “That sounds like some good
readin’! Sign me up!” So I have to thank WEbook intern AndiJayne for bringing this one to my attention. AndiJayne is charged with
reaching out to new project leaders and offering them the help and guidance
they need to get their projects off the ground. When she came across Toxic
, she started ringing the big red bell we keep in the WEbook offices for use in the event of a
tornado, flash flood, or fantastic new project. 

I exclaimed. “Seriously?” But WEbook
gets its interns from the very best colleges in the country, so I decided to give
AndiJayne the benefit of
the doubt. I took a look at Toxic
Poop: Stories from the Other Side of the
and a few sentences in, I was converted.

tells the true story of WEbooker KarenGibson’s life as a
nurse. According to KarenGibson, the book is
aimed at “nursing students making their way through nursing school, nurses
currently sitting in the trenches, and patients who may have often wondered
what a nurse actually does.” The writing
is crisp and compelling, liberally peppered with lively phrases and
entertaining anecdotes. I haven’t yet
gotten to “Chapter
5: Getting to Know Bodily Fluids Up
Close and Personal
” – maybe some brave WEbooker will go where
angels fear to tread, and bring back word to the rest of us.

is currently accepting reviews and ratings, and I’m very excited
to report that KarenGibson
is planning on submitting the finished product to WEbook’s inaugural voting cycle on
July 4! If the project gets enough votes
from fellow WEbookers, KarenGibson could be WEbook’s next published author. KarenGibson is still
looking for feedback to help her polish her manuscript. Visit Toxic
today – your comments could contribute to the success of this

I’d also love to hear from other WEbookers who are planning on
submitting a project to the July 4 voting
. Leave a comment in this blog,
or drop me a note from my profile.

-- Melissa

P.S. If reading about
poop isn’t enough for you, you can contribute your own poop-related story to Poop Confessions,
where WEbookers are sharing
their “hilarious, entertaining, or embarrassing bathroom stories.” Meanwhile, I hope to win a prize for most
liberal use of the word “poop” in a company blog.


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