WEbook Tip: How to Get Great Feedback on Your Writing


So you came to WEbook
hoping to post your work, get lots of readers, and get the feedback and
criticism you need to take your writing to the next level. You're in the right place! WEbook
is teeming with thousands of passionate writers, readers, and reviewers, all here to –
well, to write, read, and review, and hopefully wage a publishing revolution
along the way. Luckily for WEbookers everywhere, there are
a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting great feedback
for your WEbook submissions.

It all starts with getting noticed. If you start your own project, be
sure to upload a cover image, and write a teaser and overview that are catchy,
clear, and free of typos and grammatical errors. If you contribute to an Active Project, take the
time to fill out your profile and upload an avatar. These simple actions will help your work jump
off the screen.

Next, it’s all about the golden rule. As with all online communities, you’ll get
more out of WEbook if you put more
in. The best way to get more
participants and feedback for your work is to be an active member of the
community. The number one rule for
getting feedback is to give a lot of feedback!

Browse Active
and Top Writers
to find other writers you like. Read
their work and give them feedback – then invite them to check out your work. You can also check Top Reviewers to find the
most active feedbackers on WEbook.

are another good place to look for feedback. Join or start a Group based
on your writing interests. Connect with
other writers in the group, and use the forums to ask for help on your project.

You can also post to the Help
forum. The more specific your
request, the better! Instead of: “I need feedback,” try: “I’m looking for people to critique my ideas
about 16th Century courting rituals in northern Europe.” Remember, you’re more likely to get a response
from people you’ve established a relationship with, through providing them
feedback or interacting on the site in some other way, than you are from total
strangers coming across a Help

Finally, use “Share This” to post your work to Facebook, Digg,
MySpace, or wherever you hang out on the
web, or to e-mail it to your friends and ask them to take a look. The more readers you bring to WEbook, the more active your projects will

With a little elbow-grease and good community spirit, you
should be up to your neck in feedback in no time!

-- Melissa

P.S. Of course there’s
always the question of how to give good feedback, as well as how to respond to the feedback
you get – but those are blog posts for another day!

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