WEbooker of the WEek: The Father's Day Edition


Another week, another WEbooker
of the WEek
. Melissa is on vacation and that means you all get the pleasure of reading the work of WEterns (WEbook Interns) in lieu of her eloquent writing (though we hold our own).  Today’s WEbooker
of the WEek
post is brought to you by AndiJayne, working hard to tickle your fancy.

Once again, this week’s WEbooker
of the WEek
wasn’t pulled from the Top Writers or the Top Reviewers page.  I found out about KarlLee and his project "In Between" from Pinhigh, our lovely leader here in the WEbook office. 

Why, you may ask, has he been chosen to be our WEbooker
of the WEek
?  Spend a little time reading his work, and you’ll find the answer.  His writing is philosophical, honest, open, and follows the randomness of life itself.  I hope you find him as inspirational as I did. This is a truly exceptional project with a unique and touching intent that is both beautiful and painful:  He writes to his son in order to fill the void he will someday leave.

KarlLee’s writing does more than tell a story, it gives you a sense of a life.    In his own words, “This project is not a novel, a mystery or a biography. It is a bit of everything. It is the result of a desire to leave my son with more than memories, to leave him with something tangible beside pain. It is a collection of thoughts, perspectives, advice and hopes which will hopefully act as a guide for my son and all others in similar situations.”

I bet you’re just dying to know more about KarlLee now.  Here’s his nano-bio in his own words:

“I awoke in a hospital.  Breathed, Then began an existence in the suburbs of Alameda, California.  I found myself hitting tennis balls against a wall, but the wall always won.  Sooner, rather than later I found myself graduated from U.C. Berkeley, then it was off to the east coast where I thought I was going to perish from the extreme weather conditions.  Then my classmates told me it was only Autumn in Boston.  I survived only to move south to Maryland, hoping that the change would ensure a warmer clime.  It is here where I feel a great sense of balance, of family, work, personal effort and stillness.  I currently reside in a suburb of Washington, D.C. (Gaithersburg, MD), in a small section known as Kentlands.  I am the associate tennis pro in this development.  I coach my son, Bear, and miraculously, he actually listens to me. I met my wife, Kathy, while working on a construction crew in Great Falls, VA.  I was a miserable worker, as everything I touched fell apart.  She married me regardless.  Oh, yeah.  I am also a dentist.  Currently, I try very hard not to let things fall apart.”

After browsing both his profile and his posts, I couldn’t resist trying to learn more about him.  Who is this wonderful writer who, like me, loves Iron Man and Indiana Jones?

Q)  I see that if you had the choice to be a character for a day, you would be either Ironman or Indiana Jones.  First: Did you see the recently released movies devoted to these characters?  Second:  If you did, what would you have done differently in the stories?

A)  I was truly inspired by both movies, as the heroic figure in each movie is a flawed character who endeavors in spite of himself and strives to achieve his goal despite the daunting opposition.  The drive to "do the right thing" is a powerful tool.  I would like to imagine that we all have a bit of hero in all of us, despite being a slave to social conformity and proper manners.  Sometimes a subtle action, done without thought of compensation is a heroic deed.  It may be as simple as saying, “I am sorry".  I tend to take the movies on their own merit, seeing them as works of art. I enjoyed both Iron Man and Indy, as I grew up with Iron Man in the comics, and I must have seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom at least 20 times.  I love them for being larger than life, for transporting me into their dimensions and allowing me to glide with them for a brief time.  So much fun.

Q)  Pick a country and then use only four words to give it life.

A)  Mexico.

Orphan.  Ignorance.  Cajones.   Home.

Q)  How did you meet the most important person in your life?

A)  The vapor of sweat enclouded my body in the core of an August summer in DC.  I was digging an irrigation ditch with a post hole digger in Great Falls, VA.  The heat was brutally mean and uncompromising, like a tick that refuses to part with the juices of your body.  I looked up, and met my future wife.

Q)  When you sit alone thinking and a random, happy thought comes into your mind, What is that thought?

A)  Bear Hunter Lee

I say keep an eye on this one, I can’t wait to read more.


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