5 Top Places to Write Poetry on WEbook


Fact: 59 out of 63 WEbookers write at least one
poem every year. Of those poet-WEbookers, 27% write a poem
every few days. Popular topics include
love, nature, loneliness, youth, old age, and disco ninjas. 97% of all WEbook poems include
the word “the.”

Okay, I made all that up. But here’s one true statistic: As
of today, there are over 1500
poetry projects
in progress on WEbook. Holy Longfellows!

If you write poetry, you’re in great company on WEbook. But if you start your
own poetry project
, it can be hard to get the attention and feedback you
want in the sea of other WEbook
. What’s a WEpoet to do?

Easy! Contribute
poems and feedback to an active
project in progress
. Many WEbook projects accept poems
from any WEbooker brave
enough to hit the submit button. These
projects already have an active community of folks reading and writing, so your
poem will be sure to get a few extra hits right away.

“Sounds good, Melissa! But how can I find the right projects to get involved with?”

That’s where I come in! With the help of WEbook
I scoured the 100+ pages of WEbook poetry and came
up with 5 great projects open to each and every WEbooker.  Before you submit your poem, be sure to take a
few minutes to read some of the other submissions and familiarize yourself with
what your fellow poets are up to! If you
leave feedback, you’ll be much more likely to get comments on your own poems.

Note: This list is by no means definitive! I was not able to read all 1500+ projects, so
I’m sure I missed a few good ones. Feel
free to add your favorite open poetry projects to the comments field.

Top 5 Open WEbook
Poetry Projects:

Moveable Musings. I love magnetic poetry – and now there’s a
place where you can post your best ever magnetic compositions. Project Leader soloeagle gives these
guidelines to potential participants: “Use
Magnetic Poetry tiles to compose a haiku, ode, or sonnet. Go freestyle or
pentameter. Just write restricted to the words on the tiles.”

Quaquaversal Poetry. According to the project overview, by Project
Leader Zen_Driver, “Quaquaversal
means, literally, ‘turned wheresoever.’  This project thrives off of
dynamism.  If it doesn't spread and expand and gather and propagate new
ideas and images, then it simply cannot be quaquaversal.”

Months and Weekdays.
In this project, poets describe a
month or day of the week in 6 words or less. Project Leader brigidmarie
writes, “I enjoy trying to put as much meaning into six words as possible. I
feel like months and days have a lot of feelings attached to them. July feels
different from October, just as Monday feels different from Saturday.”

Dead Roses. This project gives WEbookers a place to
express their feelings about the loss of a loved one. Project Leader JonasCullen suggests a
broad interpretation of the project’s theme – contributors can write about “a break-up,
a death, a friend moving,” or any other loss.

Soundtrack of My Mind. For WEpoets of a more general bent, Soundtrack of My Mind
offers the opportunity to post a poem on absolutely any topic. Led by WEbooker Karleigh.

Bonus: Poetry Reading List

If you’re not in the mood to write, don’t fret. WEbook offers plenty of poetry to read and
review. You can browse the
afore-mentioned 1500+
, or you can start with a few staff favorites.

showcases  WEbooker HalfMoon’s variation on the
etheree, a little-known type of poetry created by Etheree Taylor Armstrong in

Bugs, and Kissing the Moon
includes “Poems about nature mostly, but
also about the night, and things we want, and the things we don’t.”

Finally, check out The Groovy Ninja and Other
Amazing Poems
, in which Kermitgroupie writes
about clever Martians, redneck rabbits, and, of course, the eponymous groovy

Write on!

-- Melissa

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  1. Here is a couple of poetry groups to keep your eye on.
    1. Poetry Styles by Alla. This group is public and accepts most poetry styles. A good place to meet and greet some rising poets.
    2. Time 4 us 2 be Heard poets group by owlbaby1. A very relaxed group for frustrated poets and new poets to cross mingle with one another with their creative efforts.
    There is several other groups that offers support and encouragement but I felt these groups here are top off the line and worth checking out, rather if your a beginner or a career poet.

  2. i would like to submit my poems from time to time I have quie a number of them as I have been writing for a good number of years


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