A Narcissist’s Dream – Your Face in Lights


Remember the story of Narcissus,
from your ninth grade mythology class? He was the guy who stared at his own reflection in a pond until he died
of starvation. Now, Narcissus might have
taken things a bit too far, but I’ve always sympathized with the guy. It seems a little unfair that other people
get to see so much more of our faces than we do! What’s a narcissist to do?

Enter WEbooker
Aberick_Stone, and
today’s featured
WEbook project
.  Over at Illustrations
for Bios
is creating portraits in exchange for biographical poems accompanied by a
photo. If you join the fun, you can hang your portrait over
your dining room table and gaze at it all day long without starving to death! Bellissima!

Intrigued? Me, too.  To satisfy my curiosity, I asked Aberick_Stone a few
questions about his project.

Q: Where'd you get the idea for this project?

A: I’ve always loved the idea of illustrating my own books. I was inspired to create the project after an assignment
in a screenwriting class, when my teacher suggested creating character
biographies for our stories.

Q: How do you intend to make these portraits?

A: Using Adobe Illustrator, I plan to
take the time to individually create the portraits by hand.

Q: If you get too many submissions, how
will you choose which to illustrate?

A: I will continue to illustrate
portraits even after 100 submissions. I love Art and CG to the point to where
it’s really a part of my life. My mother has been an artist since high school
and her guidance has made me realize that a gift should never be wasted. We
need to share our talents.

Q:  When will the illustrations go up in the project?

I will be posting them on a monthly to weekly basis. Already I’m working on a
few member photos that have been sent for illustrating.

Q:  What is your background in art?

A: Since five years of age, I have been
drawing, scribbling, painting and so on.  My work is currently posted on Deviant Art. My interest in art lies specifically with graphite drawing. At the moment I’m studying
at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California.

If you want to see your face in lights, compose a poem that
captures the essence of your life, and post it in Illustrations for Bios
along with a photo. For tips on including photos in your WEbook submissions, check out this entry in the FAQ.

-- Melissa

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  1. I have posted the new age religion and concepts of God for publish. The next new age project will be God and huamnity. Come and join the new age religion of God. This is my faith Gods words fopr all people. concepts all are the children of God. Hope belief and acceptence.
    read how God connects to humanity. God bless my group thank you for let me join. hers to the future of all of us at webook. To the hope for God and humanity. For we are all the children of God. thakn you good luck one at all here at webook . thank you melissa.

  2. What a unique offer! It makes me want to write a poem and submit it just to get the drawing! I stumbled on to this site, good luck Melissa!


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