Exercise the Franchise at WEbook!


 Today WEbook embarks on its first publication vote
at WEbook.com.  This is your chance
to help WEbook decide what book or books
to publish in 2008.  To make your voice known, pop over to the Voting Page and peruse one or all of the
projects in contention.  We’ve attempted to make things easier by allowing
Project Leaders to specify a “Vote Zone” within their project for highlighted
essays or chapters. 

Once you feel you have
a sense of a project you’re reading, you’re ready to vote.  Just click the “vote” button,
and provide a numerical rating of 1 to 5, with 5 being the “publish this one
for sure” rating.  Come on over and tell your friends to join you in
exercising your rights as readers to pick the next published WEbooks and the next WEbook published authors.

- Pinhigh

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