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Things are bustling over at WEbook
as we prepare to start accepting submissions for our very first voting cycle. (Submissions open tonight at midnight Pacific
time, and run through July 17. Voting
will start on July 18.) But that’s no
excuse for not letting my loyal readers know about this week’s coolest project
in progress.

WEbook veteran ducktoes is the brains behind
this week’s featured
WEbook project
Your Own Adventure

If you’re like me, you remember Choose Your Own Adventure
Books from when you were a kid. You
know: “If you want to stop for gas, turn
the page. If you want to see how long
you can drive on empty, turn to page 43.” This is like that, only you really do get to choose your own adventure. That is – you get to write it yourself!

Here’s how it works: Writer #1 creates a scene. At the
end, she offers choices, just like in a regular Choose Your Own Adventure –
only instead of page numbers, she makes up nonsense words. Like Blannipitch. Or Felpanner. Then Writer #2 comes along. He
picks the choice he’d like to write about, and labels his submission with the appropriate
nonsense word. He offers his choices and corresponding nonsense
words at the end, and other writers come along and write about those
choices. The result is a crazy
kaleidoscope exquisite
, and it’s loads and loads of fun.

The current adventure includes asthma, a boy without a
baseball cap, and a man who knows more than he should about both. To join the fun, visit Choose
Your Own Adventure

Have a happy 4th of

-- Melissa

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