Going for the gold: 3 projects in one post


Bang! And let the games begin!

As the world gets ready for this summer's Olympics in Beijing, the WEbook interns have already started competing for the gold.

The Intern Olympics have pitted Samantha, saraelizabeth, and AndiJayne against one another in a heart-stopping, action-packed, must-see race to make their projects the most publishable ones on WEbook.

There will be sweat, blood, and tears as these three battle it out to be the first gold medalist.

Here's an exclusive look at the three projects:

Samantha's project: Worst Love Stories Ever

unrequitedlover was told she wasn't worth $4 of gas, and WilkeCollins elbowed his date in the face. As a collection of happily-never-afters focusing on other people’s relationship problems, this project is not a fairy tale to be read to the kids. Write about your own then-harsh, now-hilarious experiences in love, sex, and friendship or read about other people's life lessons.

saraelizabeth's project: Top Writers Under 20

In the first two decades of your life, there are the big birthdays, puberty, first love, second love, and college. The old may be wise, but the young are still able to remember those life-defining, personality-molding moments that will make this project a representative showcase of young talent. Age shouldn't and doesn't limit creativity, and these writers are eager to write outside of the lines and inside the margins.

AndiJayne's project: FEAR

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said we have nothing to fear but fear itself, but he must have forgotten about spiders, heights, and public speaking. Everyone has fears: Grayhart chokes up at the sight of yellow cabs while DeeRosethorn's heart skips a beat at the thought of being alone. What makes your skin crawl?

...And there you have it! Three great projects all vying for your attention and talent. Post your story today and help determine who goes home with the medal.


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