WEbook, Meet TsungChi. TsungChi, WEbook.


allow me to introduce you to our newest man-about-WEbook, William, aka TsungChi. As the Project Leader of 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
and My
First Year With Mommy
,  TsungChi may already be a
familiar face to some. As of this week,
he has joined the WEbook team
as the official Mr. Rogers of the WEbook
neighborhood. TsungChi  is here to help you get the most out of WEbook.  He will be a regular presence on
the forums,
answering your questions and listening to your feedback. If you are dying to get anything off your
chest, or if you absolutely must know how to become the best WEbooker you can be, TsungChi is your man.

Welcome, TsungChi!

-- Melissa

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