WEbooker of the WEek Slays Giants


Let me tell you something: WEbook is paradise for a bookworm
like me. Lately I’ve been spending my nights
with my copy of Tiina Nunnally’s translation of Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy
tales. So how do you suppose I want to
spend my days? That’s right – reading more
fairy tales. Imagine my delight when, perusing
the projects vying for publication in the current WEbook voting cycle, I came across a book
billed as “The ancient tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, but with more mystery,
magic, and mayhem than ever before.” It’s
called Days of
Yore: Jack the Giant-Killer
, and
it’s such a good, old-fashioned (and new-fashioned) story, I just had to name
the story-teller WEbooker
of the WEek

Days of
Yore: Jack the Giant-Killer
brought to us by WEbooker wuezili. Wuezili
lives in Pittsburgh, and he calls himself "a musician, off and on.” He’s been working on Days of
Yore: Jack the Giant-Killer
about three years, including a two-year hiatus. He has a family movie, Nanodogs,
in production in Phoenix, Arizona.

A look at wuezili’s
other WEbook offerings turns up You Never
Forget Your First Time
, a powerful article about the author’s first
bout with schizophrenia. The project
overview invites other writers to contribute their stories of mental illness,
or “just the lowest, craziest, darkest moments of their lives, with or without
a diagnosis.” As of today, You Never
Forget Your First Time
contains submissions from a dozen other WEbookers.

I asked wuezili
what he hoped to accomplish with this project, and he answered simply: “I didn't expect anyone to read it.  I
just wrote a short 5-page story about myself and put it up.  I didn't know
that so many people had similar experiences.  I think that mental illness
is perhaps more common among writers and thinkers than among the general
population. If that's so, then it is no
wonder that writers have such a drive to create. It helps balance out the forces that
overwhelm us sometimes.”

In addition to being a great writer, a filmmaker, and an
on-again off-again musician wuezili
likes koala bears, but doesn’t remember the last time he went to the zoo. He also skips breakfast, and he can “recite
the dialogue from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie nearly verbatim.” Amazing.

Until next time, WEbookers, enjoy You Never
Forget Your First Time
and Days of
Yore: Jack the Giant-Killer

-- Melissa

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