Featured WEbook Project: Pure Imagination Dictionary


Do you ever get the jeelys? Or perhaps you are frequently overcome with the urge to relard? Maybe you just need to engage in some insantics
before you get bonusfried,
and become an utter failboat.

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to check out The
Pure Imagination Dictionary
where WEbookers are coming together
to create new words out of the discarded parts of old words. The
Pure Imagination Dictionary
is so much fun, I contacted Project Leader Kaoru to find out where she got such
an incanidea. (That one’s my very own – bright idea, of course!)

explains it all:

is my coworker at a call center. We
sometimes have anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes between calls. It turns out
Rebecca_Grey and I both
like to write, and for entertainment during the dead times at work, we would
make up words for things that really have no adequate description. She started
us off with funsies.
Then I came up with obnoxicity
to describe one of our callers.

“After a while, it occurred to me – I bet the WEbookers
would love it
!  Before Volume One
was even finished, I was laughing so hard I cried. Rebecca_Grey and I are
pretty serious most of the time in our creativity, and this was a no-pressure
way to be creative and have a few laughs together.

“We are now fondly calling the project Prozac for the soul.  I can't
tell you how much fun we've all had, and I would absolutely love to have it
published – preferably with the comments included, so that readers can get the
full effect of the hilarity and fun behind this project.  If you can read The
Pure Imagination Dictionary
and still be depressed, you deserve to be!”

In order to deal with the huge amount of submissions she
gets, Kaoru creates new volumes
of The
Pure Imagination Dictionary
on a regular basis – right now, the dictionary is growing at a
rate of a new project every couple of days! Ultimately, she plans to take the best submissions from all the
projects, alphabetize them, and compile them into one gigantic imaginatory
reference book.  The
Pure Imagination Dictionary
is currently in its sixth
– Volumes One, Two,
and Five
are no longer accepting submissions, but be sure to check them out if you’re in
need of some cerebral

If you have the perfect imaginary word to contribute, visit
the most current volume of The
Pure Imagination Dictionary
word could be the entry that catapults Kaoru into utter spizziness.

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-- Melissa

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