Featured WEbook Projects: Imagination Loves Company


“Fiction is the truth
inside the lie.”
– Stephen King

Today’s Featured
WEbook Projects
are dedicated to WEbookers everywhere who enjoy
telling truthful lies. These five
projects will give you a quick dip in the fiction pond – perfect training for your
next imaginary triathlon.

Fight the Laze

This project began as a challenge between two friends to
create short stories based on randomly generated lines. Example: “A retired bowler finds buried treasure at the bottom of Lake Michigan.” Your story should include a bowler, a treasure,
and Lake Michigan, though your bowler doesn’t have to find treasure in Lake
Michigan. Writers submit one story per
week. The project is open to new participants – if you would like to join, send
a message to SimonGloam
or fyrephlie.


I wrote about Collecting People
once before in this
, and it’s worth another mention. WEbookers are
creating a collection of portraits, written or visual. Portraits can be factual or fictional, poetry
or prose, pictures or words. This is a
great place to work on a character profile for a longer work – or to create a character
just for fun! Submit your portrait here.

Got a Minute?

A repository of short fiction for the time-starved writer
and reader. Got a Minute?
is a good home for general short fiction – and a great place to go for a quick read between all
your important meetings and online chess games.

Fresh Flash

Flash fiction (very, very short fiction – generally under
1000 words) is more and more popular these days – and Fresh Flash is
flash fiction with a WEbook twist. Project participants are invited to type
their bite-sized story into WEbook’s text
editor on the fly – no composing ahead of time. What a great way to build your creative muscles!

Coffee Break

Former WEbooker
of the WEek
gives fiction writers a helping hand with her prompts, ideas, exercises, and
tips. Coffee Break
provides a jolt of inspiration with structured guidance on creating characters,
plot, setting, and more.

WEbook Projects
is accepting nominations! Next week’s topic is “writing about place.” I’m interested in fresh, creative takes on
setting – think beyond the guidebook! If
you know of a great WEbook
focused on a specific geographical location, visit my profile and send me a
message with the topic “Featured WEbook Projects.”

-- Melissa

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  1. Great article, Melissa, there's so much to see and do from this piece I haven't had time to follow all the links to featured projects yet... But I will! lol
    Thanks for posting this, I love to discover awesome Webook projects like the ones you've featured so far!


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