Guest Post: Top Ten Things to Love about WEbook


is so enamored with WEbook, she sent me
this list out of the blue, with no ulterior motive other than a burning thirst
for a WEbook T-shirt. (Which I promptly quenched – it’s in the
mail, GranisGrazin!) The list made me laugh out loud, and I
decided to share the mirth with my devoted readers. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

Top Ten Things I Love
about WEbook

10.  This place is open to everyone and anyone, any
time of the day or night, and has more places to play than a Carnival Cruise
ship on a sea day!  You can dine on any kind of fare at all hours.
Pick your poison!  Go to the Midnight Buffet, dive into prime rib, try a
burger Caribbean style, or slip down for an impromptu bowl of ice cream with
any topping you can imagine!  If that sounds like too much walking, check
your updates for Room Service.

9.  Someone is always telling you how wonderful you are, but before you
get too fat on the praise to get out of your cabin, someone will bite into you
with some well-deserved criticism and trim you right back down to size.
And isn't it nice to have cabins that can be FIVE stars, instead of just
four?  It is those danged threes, twos, and (gasp!) ones that I
hate!  But we can all strive harder for a balcony cabin, right?  Most
days, I will settle for ocean view.

Hey! Another way to look at this....they hand out free BOO-Z!!!!!  (Good
one...put that in The
Pure Imagination Dictionary

8.  Repeat customers get real deals on subsequent cruises!  Watch
your invites and friend requests!  You see?  This place really
appreciates that you chose them to cruise with, and wants to see more of you!

7.  You can always upgrade your cabin!   Just listen closely,
and it happens!  Doesn't cost a thing but listening, learning, and

6. They want customer comments!  Yup, willing to listen to your
suggestions on forums
and even answer when you email them!
(Shhhh!  Don't tell, but I think every week they have a drawing from the
customer comments and give away a free word or two!)

5.  Oh, the music!  Any tempo, any style.  Oldies, but
goodies?  You will find them here!  Pop, rock, hip hop.
Country, classical, and even cowboy ballads!  (I think I even found some
pirate music the other day, but I wasn't sure if the, “Yo, ho” was rap or not...
I was almost sure it was pirate though, because the words went: Yo ho
ho and a bottle of rap!

4.  Do you know they make your own bed for you here, and leave notes about
tomorrow's activities, and leave neat little mints to eat on your pillow? Yup.  I love my WEBook cabin!

3.  There are always some really good shows to see!
I am talking star quality here!  And the best part is, there is no price
of admission, and you actually can meet and talk to the stars, and more than
likely they will even sing karaoke with you!!!  What is more, a lot of
practice on the Amateur Nights will give you a chance to be in the BIG show
with them!

2.  The whole excursion is tax free!  But ....not duty
.  Somehow, believe it or not, I like that.  I think it is
appropriate and fair.

1.  You don't have to get off at the next port.  You can stay on this
cruise forever!

-- GranisGrazin

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