"Mini-Lit" is a Hit with WEbookers


We’ve heard of the MINI Cooper, mini golf, Minnie Driver,
Minneapolis, and Mini Me. But what about

This week’s edition of TIME magazine offers an article on
the emerging popularity of "mini-lit:" Crisp, fresh, hard-hitting pieces
that say plenty without plenty of words. It seems that 12-word novels, six-word memoirs, and five-word (we prefer
) movie reviews are all the rage.

While “mini-lit” may be new territory for some writers and
readers, WEbook features a host of projects that prove WEbookers are on the cutting
edge of the Twitter meets literature trend. In fact, several of WEbook’s most active projects are filled with submissions of 10 words or less.

Along with The Pure Imagination Dictionary, WEbook minis include
Haiku Life Stories—a collection of 17-syllable memoirs; Six Word Stories
(and its sequel)—WEbookers tackle everything from love, war, family, and
friendship in just six words; and Briefness per Letter—another collection of
six-word stories, each about a letter of the alphabet. (Did you know “Q” is
) It might be, but WEbookers aren’t
when it comes to creating and contributing to creative “mini-lit” projects.

Sure, Mini Me is cool.  But we’ve got MiniWEs!

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  1. Melissa,
    It certainly is a minor distinction, but the blogs and mags I've read recently are using the computerese of 'flash' fiction or flash lit., flash poetry, and such.

  2. Try This.
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  3. Johnathon Ross14 May 2009 at 15:11

    fantastic i have this book and it blew me away when reading the key to a fortune i got drawn in not realising that is until i got to the end i was actualy in a movie script how well as you read it things change like a script kind of format and low, and behold at the end pages the charactors in the book pause and the actual writers are writing it as you read. i hope i'm making sense because it is the best book i have read in a long time but the best thing is when reading it it's just like a normal kind of book that is until you read it lots of funny bits in it and quite good i must say it is a movie script you are reading in book form it's fantastic dont take my word have a look for yourself.


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