Three WEbooks Get the Green Light


Ever since WEbook’s
first voting cycle
ended on August 1, WEbookers have been waiting
patiently to find out which books would get the green light.  The
wait is over! But before I break the big
news, let’s take a moment to reflect on how we got here.

Starting July 4, WEbookers submitted over 200
books to the first voting cycle.  The community took a look, and
voted on which books they liked best. After voting closed, the WEbook team
carefully considered all the books which made the top 10%, and chose three books that we
believe represent the best of the best. We’ve contacted the authors, and we’ll be sending them publishing
contracts in the next few days. If all
goes as planned, you’ll be seeing these books in print by early 2009!

And now…the envelope, please…the winners of the first ever WEbook vote are:

Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

From fighting a bear to buying a used car, from cooking a
steak to stoking her fire, from the simple to the scandalous... this is the
"How-To" guide your father forgot to give you.

The Legend of
Vinny Whiskers

Zoo gone wrong.  Animals attacked in their own
cages.  One prairie dog to save them all.  A fantasy novel inspired
by real events.

Shirt for Dessert

Marley Barley sucks on her clothes. Why does she do it? No one knows! Nothing beats creative problem solving when attempting to balance the
scales of a child's diet.

What’s next?

You can get in on the editorial fun by leaving your feedback
for the chosen projects.

WEbook’s next voting
cycle will be accepting submissions beginning October 21. Voting begins November 4 – election day! Writers are invited to submit complete,
polished manuscripts. At this time, WEbook can’t consider single stories or
poems, unfinished books, or book proposals. You can also submit work to a group project – each Project Leader
decides when to submit the project for publication. If you’ve participated in a group project that
you believe is ready for publication, send the Project Leader a note
encouraging him or her to submit the project!

-- Melissa

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