WEbook and Ice Cube: It Was a Good Day


It's Friday, and what does WEbook like to do on Friday?

You guessed it!  Front like we're in
Ice Cube's posse.


From left to right, that's WEbook President Sue Heilbronner, Ice Cube, yours truly, and WEbook VP of Product Development Lark Dunham.

I'm offering one free WEbook T-shirt to the WEbooker who concocts the best story to explain why we were hanging out with Ice Cube. Enter your theories in the comments field of this blog.  Bonus points for outlandishness.

-- Melissa

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  1. Sue Heilbronner got out of bed reluctantly that Friday morning after a trying week.
    Lark Dunham had come screeching into her office on Thursday with a crashingly bad idea; "we'll embed tiny webooks in lucite cubes that can be opened to reveal the little treasure book inside and we'll call them ice cubes; advertise on all the cryogenic sites"! Sue looked at her wondering how to put it; when was your last vacation, who stole your meds?"
    Sue went into Melissa's office to repeat the bizarre conversation and got an unexpected response "Ever since she went back to the gym she has really loosened up"! Sue who never missed a marketing cue got on the phone to Ice Cubes agent who got on the phone to Ice Cube who also never misses a marketing beat and Webook History was made. Here's the photo to prove it.

  2. IceCube, " I thought it was Weedbook I was promoting."
    Webook, " Just keep smiling and once the picture is developed we will tell you where your children are."

  3. Icecube is dating Melissa.

  4. Ice Cube (a closet author on WEbook under the penname FrozenTear) wanted to personally kowtow to the publishers so as to get his poem project (Tears of Ice) more votes. His ploy was useless, of course, as the publishers are too honorable for such antics. He did, however, walk away with a lovely picture as a parting gift.

  5. Ice Cube, wanted to write a Fab children's book good enough to rival Madonna's. Alas, in the end Ice Cube hired a ghost writer and their work actually stunk....so he came to WEbook for the best help around the globe. Especially help from folks like me who review, comment, and give out re-writes! Better luck next time Ice Cube! You can bet I will be happy to help you!!

  6. It is a known fact that people in the publishing business,
    get burned out.
    I see nothing wrong with Ice cube joining his secret posse' members....working on the newest Rap song that they all will preform together.

  7. New Rap group...Writers Block'

  8. The phone rang.
    "WEbook.com! You provide the materila, we make the profit!" answered Melissa with her usual speech. (author's note: I do not actually believe that WEbook is out to screw anyone over).
    "Shit! I thought this was Dr. Dre!" said a strong voice on the other end.
    "Umm, no, but if you're interested in publishing a story, we'd be happy to benefit from your time, effort, and supposed talent."
    "Ya'know, I like ya style! So lemme tell you who I am. This is Ice Cube, yo."
    "Umm, you're who?" Melissa thought it strange that a parent would name their child after something typically found alongside a lemon in a gin and tonic.
    "I'm a rapper."
    "I'm lookin' at your website right now, and I'm seein' a potential marketing ploy here."
    "Umm, ok."
    So Melissa and her friends Sue and Lark (reluctantly) met up with Ice Cube the very next day. Upon learning that this man was actually famous, they figured it would be to their benefit to get their photo with him so that they could look cool.
    The offer itself was less appealing as it simply involved them getting a bunch of their "poets" to write some "dope-ass lyrics, yo" for a contest. The winner will get his poem made into Ice Cube's newest hit single.
    Most likely, this will only sell because it involves Ice Cube.

  9. Well, either that, or Ice Cube is getting mor and more interested in "writing chicks."

  10. Keep 'em coming...I'll announce the lucky winner in 1 week, on Friday August 15.

  11. You were meeting up with ice cube to discuss the possible invasions of the various paintings in the backround, each relating to various points of interest to the group shown.
    He was hired to maintain a political focus on conspiritors that would try to stop your scheme. The point is that he would just rap to them about unrelated topics. The invading parties would eventually get bored and stop bothering you.

  12. Ice Cube: I woke up and there are wired people in my house, what's going on
    Melissa: Oh, nothing, keep smiling and I'll give you your coffee back.


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