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How’s this for radical: A WEbooker
of the WEek
who hasn’t written a single article, story, poem, or chapter on
WEbook. She hasn’t written any reviews,
either. And, as far as I know, she hasn’t
said a peep on the forums

So what the heck has she done? Janis contributed her considerable
talents to My First Year
with Mommy
, one of the books up for contention in WEbook’s most recent voting and publication cycle – not as a
writer, not as a reviewer, but as an illustrator. (Check out chapters 2, 4, and 7.)  Storytime
I liked Janis’s pictures so much, I asked
her to send along samples of her other work. As it turns out, she’s not only a fantastic children’s illustrator, she’s
also been a full-time freelance graphic artist and medical illustrator for the
past three years.

Says Janis, “While my career is deeply
rooted in these professional practices, my route to finding these professional
titles has been filled with interesting diversions, surprising paths,
spontaneity, and chance; most of all, though, it has been filled with hard work
and an unyielding love for art and its creation.”

As a child, Janis loved anything creative and
artistic, and she started studying the basics of art at the ripe old age of
five. Once she entered high school, she
switched gears, becoming interested in science and medicine. Bigmoon
She graduated from the University of Delaware
with a pre-med degree in biology – but something inside her was restless and
dissatisfied. After much contemplation, Janis decided she needed to be an
artist.  She enrolled in the medical illustration MFA
program at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York – “A
program,” she says, “which uniquely blended my two passions: Medicine and art.”

Currently, Janis is finishing her Master’s
thesis, a 7-minute cartoon about the pathology of addiction and mental
illness. She lives in Greensboro, North
Caroline with her husband and their three cats, and she spends her days working
on medical illustrations, artwork for children’s literature, and animation. Janis
may have found the perfect balance. In her own words, “I am still open to the glorious
possibilities that my artistic career path may yet provide, and enjoying
tremendously what I have already achieved.”

That’s all well and good, Janis, but inquiring WEbookers want to know…

Q: How do you spend a typical Saturday night? How about Tuesday?

A: My
favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is cook a good meal and share it with
friends. Along with this meal there should be some good wine, a game of Scrabble,
or a movie. Occasionally I like to have an adventure, like going out dancing or
to a play or a show involving a favorite band.

My favorite thing to do on Tuesday night
is get home at a decent hour from work and hang out with my husband, play some
wii, or read a book.

Q: What was your favorite book as a kid?

A: That’s a tough one. I loved
all the Golden Books.  And as an adolescent I was nuts about V.C. Andrews... so embarrassing. (Blogger’s
note: I used to have to hide V.C. Andrews
books from my mom, who was justifiably horrified by their trashiness.)

Q: Do you do your dishes right away, or do you leave them sitting in the

A: I
absolutely, without a doubt leave my dishes in the sink, rotting, for days on

Illustration_girl02WEbookers, if you’re looking
for an illustrator, drop Janis
a note. And if you know a great
illustrator, invite him or her to the site! We’ll soon be running competitions to find graphics for some of our next published WEbooks (to be announced
this Thursday) – the more the merrier!

of the WEek

Do you have a line on the wonderfullest writer
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-- Melissa

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