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WEbooker of the WEek: Special Community Edition

This WEek's WEbooker was chosen by staffer TsungChi in order to celebrate one of WEbook's top community members.  Enjoy!

-- Melissa

LemonPez: It's All About Community

If you’ve submitted your writing to WEbook, chances are LemonPez has reviewed it.  At last count, LemonPez (yes, she has an “insane” love of lemon-flavored Pez) had offered over 225 reviews, and we are not talking about the “I like this very much” variety.  Whether she is reviewing a novel, an anthology submission, or a poem, LemonPez’s feedback is concrete, specific, and most important—helpful.

LemonPez’s efforts have earned her “Top Reviewer” status, (check out her profile to see how she really feels about this), but she is the first to downplay such titles.  For her, offering feedback is a basic requirement of being a good WEbook community member.  I recently caught up with LemonPez and asked her what goes into a good review.  Here’s what she had to say: 

A helpful way of giving good feedback is to think about what type of feedback you would like to hear.  First, remember to be polite as well as constructive. While we would all love to hear wonderful things said about our work, we also realize that practice can make perfect. An example of a great review consists of the reader’s thoughts on the project, why the reader has these thoughts, any helpful and specific hints the reader may deem appropriate, any necessary praise, and questions the reader may have about the given piece.  We’d all love to become better writers—and this is definitely made easier with peer-reviews and constructive criticism. 

I also asked LemonPez to give us her top tip for WEbookers hoping to get their work reviewed.  Let’s face it: with so many projects popping up on WEbook each day, it’s easy for submissions to get lost in the mix.  “The best way to receive feedback is to give feedback,” she says. 

See, I told you: LemonPez offers feedback that is concrete, specific, and most important—helpful. 

When LemonPez isn’t reviewing projects she’s filling up the forums with advice, insight and humor—and working on her own projects.  From where I sit this makes her a WEbook triple-threat community All-Star. 

A poet at heart (“I’ve always felt it was my one true release”), LemonPez is particularly proud of “Philosophical Thoughts.”  (Of course, she credits the community with helping this project take off.)  Or, if you're into eating and want a glimpse at LemonPez's lighter side, check out her "An Edible Day in the Life of Tara" submission.  If LemonPez has offered you feedback, here's a chance to return the favor.

LemonPez is finishing up her Criminal Justice degree (she finds literary inspiration in Charles Manson) and enjoys spending time with her one-year old son.  She finds time to write and review when he isn’t attached to her calf.

-- TsungChi

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