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“Remember the good old days, before
the invention of the obnoxious telegraph, the odious telephone, and the opprobrious
television, when the only way to communicate with someone was either to yell, ‘What’s
up, Earl?’ as you drove your horse and buggy past Earl’s house, or to write a
letter? When the pen was mightier than
the sword? When the written word was the way to express your thoughts? When people cared about writing? Those days are long gone. Right?”

Wrong. Writing is probably a bigger part of ordinary
people’s lives now than at any other time in history – all because of the power
of the internet.  According to a recent study by the Pew Research
, 73% of American adults use the internet, and of those adults, 60%
say they write and read email every day. The Radicati Group estimates that
1.2 billion people sent email in 2007. A
study by the same group determined that 183 billion emails were sent every day in 2006.

“Sure, sure. But kids
these days
just don’t write like they used to.”

Wrong again.  An April 2008
Pew Research Study
showed that 93% of teens say they write for pleasure. If you broaden your definition of writing to include messages on social
networking sites, IM, text messages, email, and a bunch of other stuff I’ve
probably never even heard of, today’s young people are lean, mean writing machines.

is yet more proof. Hundreds of thousands
of WEbookers are working on tens of thousands of writing projects as we speak.

“But…what about letters? No one writes letters anymore!”

Does it hurt to be so wrong? Never mind, I won’t rub it in. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the good old
days of the epistle, check out these WEbook
projects, where WEbookers are writing letters to everything from a pack of
cigarettes to their own past or future selves.

Dear Joe Camel

Ex-smokers, conflicted smokers, and straight-up pack-a-dayers memorialize
their love affairs with tobacco.

“Do you remember the day we met? I
do. I remember it vividly. It was my 16th birthday and you were the most
wonderful thing in the world to me. I'd seen you around of course – everyone had
– but that day you were mine and mine alone. I was so happy that day. You made
me feel so alive, so grown up, and so cool to be able to be seen with you.” – jessideath

Open Letters

Letters to someone in particular. Or no one in particular. Rant and
rave, and get it all off your chest.

“I was going to write you a letter,
but then I realized it was a waste of my time. So I guess you and a letter have
a lot in common.” –

Extraordinary Letters

Write a poem or tell a short story in the form of a letter.

"An open
letter to you all.

I've been here a while

And I'm having a ball.

I don't have no rhyme,

I don't got no reason.

I'm just coming back

From from a long and dark season.” – jamesmcshane

Dear Future

letters or poems to your future.

dear future,

wish you were here.


mitzi” – Mitzi_Hell

A Look at the Past

What would you tell the you of ten years ago if you could?  "Don't get an adjustable rate mortgage!"  Now's your chance to let yourself know all the things you'd wish you'd known.

WEbook Projects

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Start Writing Now!

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-- Melissa

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