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“I try to write everyday... even if it’s just utter crap. Aim for a
hundred words a day – could be anything. But force yourself to write something.
Nobody has to see it so it can be as forced and as awful as anything. You'll be
surprised how this can inspire plot ideas or character ideas. Also you might
just write one amazing paragraph that you decide has to be in a story – then construct
the story around that one paragraph.” -- Lallybell

If you hang around the 911
Writer’s Block forum
, you may have noticed WEbook’s
newest WEbooker
of the WEek
, Lallybell,
dishing out advice on breaking writer’s block. Whether you haven’t
written for a year
, like RiSkyBiZ13,
or you need to get
the ideas flowing for your big mystery novel
, like sarazzi, Lallybell is on the
case. She’s been writing for a few
years, ever since her English teacher told her she had real potential, and her
writer’s block wisdom comes from talking to other writers, learning about
writing on the internet, and, of course, personal experience.

Like most WEbookers
of the WEek
, Lallybell
is no one-trick pony. According to her profile, her goal is to write
and publish a novel in every major genre. On WEbook, she’s starting with a
psychological romance, Save You,
which follows the relationship between a clinical psychologist and her troubled
client – who happens to be a blockbuster movie star whom most of the world
believes to be dead. The story is right
up Lallybell’s alley – she
hopes to get a degree in psychology and criminology, and one day work as a
forensic scientist.

To find out more about the real Lallybell, I asked her some
tough questions.

Q: What's the story behind your WEbook penname?

A: As a toddler I insisted on
calling myself Lally ( my real name is Lauren), so my mum's nickname for me is Lallybell.

Q:  How long have you been on WEbook, and what's it been like so far?
What's the main thing you hope to get out of your time on the site?

A: I’ve been here for about a
month. I wanted somewhere where I could get feedback on my work from people who
also enjoy writing. I also like reading the amazing unpublished stories on this
site – and I like helping out my fellow writers.

Q:  If you could be a famous writer, a rock star, or the elected leader of
your country, which would you choose? 

Prime Minister of United Kingdom would be good.  I'd like to have a go at sorting out the
problems without party politics being involved.

In addition to writing, Lallybell
enjoys swimming, history, and Formula 1 racing.

of the WEek

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-- Melissa


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