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At WEbook,
the dude or dudette who starts a project is known as a “Project Leader.” A Project Leader might be writing a
single-author book, with feedback from other WEbook members, or he or she might
invite other writers to contribute to a group-written effort. When it comes to group projects, there are a
lot of good Project Leaders out there – and then there’s this WEek’s WEbooker, JustCallMeDaisy.

As a sign of JustCallMeDaisy’s
dedication to her WEbook project, the two share a name. That’s right – JustCallMeDaisy is the
Project Leader of Just
Call Me Daisy: A Breastfeeding Mother’s
. JCMD (as she shall
heretofore be known in this blog) first came to my attention when she wrote to
me asking what I thought about seeking the support of breastfeeding organizations
for her project. “Great idea!” I
said. “Go for it!”

A few weeks later, JCMD sent me a link to
a website she’d created
to help promote and build interest for her WEbook project. “Holy moly!” I thought. “This chica means

JCMD first got the idea
for Just
Call Me Daisy
after the birth of her second child, in February
2008.  A breastfeeding diary quickly developed into a story, which JCMD knew she wanted to
share with other mothers.  Says JCMD, “I began by selling it on ebay.  Then I found WEbook,
and thought how fantastic it would be if I could publish a collection of other
mum’s true breastfeeding stories.”

This powerhouse of a Project Leader promotes Just
Call Me Daisy
on Facebook, where
she has received “an incredible positive response.” Only a week old, the project website has
already gotten hundreds of hits. The project
is supported by Lactivist, a
breastfeeding advocacy group in the UK; the BreastBuddies support forum;
and the breastfeeding blog One
of Those Women
. As of today, Just
Call Me Daisy
offers stories from nine women, including JCMD. JCMD hopes to continue
to gather stories, and submit the book to an upcoming WEbook voting cycle.

In addition to her work on Just
Call Me Daisy
is a regular gal, complete with useless skills (“answering a question without
actually answering it”), favorite books (The
Time Traveler’s Wife
), and weird dreams (which, unfortunately, she doesn’t
remember in the morning.) She is the
mother of two boys, and a Nursing Student at Nottingham University. She and her partner are in the process of
launching a food magazine, EAT

Projectleader_c_2 Inspired by JCMD’s story? For more tips on how to lead a successful WEbook project, check out the Project Leader’s Guide.

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