Learn How to Get Published and More: WEbook Project Leader Guide


People are writing books on WEbook -- and you could be one of them.  WEbook Project Leaders start writing projects, and invite others to join them -- either to give feedback on a solo writing venture, or to contribute stories, essays, recipes, poems, nonsense words, and more.  (You can also write your WEbook all by yourself, without a word of input from anyone.)  Through WEbook's revolutionary voting process, the WEbook community will choose some of these projects to become published books.

Join the ranks of the published -- or just lead the coolest project on the WEbook block.  Find out how with WEbook's brand new Project Leader Guide, now available in the WEbook Toolbox.  Get answers to all your burning questions about starting and leading a WEbook project.  Recommended for veteran WEbookers and newbies alike!

Not a WEbook member yet?  Sign up now, and start your very own WEbook project.

-- Melissa

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