WEbook Guide to Feedback Now Available


Wondering how to get, give, and receive writing feedback on WEbook?  Look no further.

Part 1:  The Golden Rule
It takes feedback to make feedback.

Part 2:  The 5 Rules of Great Feedback

Want to be a better writer?  Learn to give better feedback.

Part 2.5:  How to Read and Write Poetry
Feedback tips and more, especially for poets and readers of poetry.

Part 3:  You've Got Feedback!
No more curling up in a corner and crying over your reviews.

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-- Melissa

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  1. Melissa,
    Could you send me your email address? I'd like to discuss Webook.com with you,
    Kyle Olechnowicz

  2. Kyle, you -- and all my lovely blog readers -- can reach me by visiting my WEbook profile (http://www.webook.com/member/Melissa) and clicking Message Me. I'd be happy to talk WEbook shop with you.


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