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So long summer, welcome fall. The kids are back in school, the leaves are thinking
about changing color, the days are getting shorter, and it puts one in the mood
for cozying up with a good read or, even better, sitting down for a bit of
writing on WEbook. Right now, WEbook
is ripe with more ways than ever for you to take your place as the next great
writing talent or one of the talent scouts helping to discover the next great
writer at WEbook.com.

Three WEbooks Get the
Green Light
for Publication

We heard the voices of thousands of WEbookers, who helped vote for
their publication choices in the inaugural voting cycle this summer. WEbook writers placed more than 200 titles in
contention, and community votes elevated 22 finalists into the top 10%. After careful consideration, WEbook is thrilled to announce the next three
published WEbooks, written by more than 30 contributors on WEbook.com.

Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

fighting a bear to buying a used car, from cooking a steak to stoking her fire,
from the simple to the scandalous... this is the "How-To" guide your
father forgot to give you. 101 Things promises to be a hit among
men looking to expand their skill set and women eager to impart those last few
secrets to the near-perfect man in their lives. 101 Things is the ultimate
grab-bag manthology, capturing the very best tips for every facet of the male
persona: Manly Man, Tricky Man,
Resourceful Man, and, last but not least, Impressive Man.

The Legend of
Vinny Whiskers

Animal Farm meets the modern realities
of overpopulation and climate change. It’s War and Peace meets The Rats of NIMH. In this engaging fantasy novel – inspired
by real events – you’ll find a zoo gone wrong!  Animals attacked in their
own cages!  And one prairie dog to save them all. 

Shirt for Dessert

Barley sucks on her clothes. Why does she do it? No one knows!

beats creative problem solving when attempting to balance the scales of a
child's diet. This rhyming tale is sure
to captivate toddlers and new readers.

WEbook is signing
publishing agreements now with the authors, and these three WEbooks will be
released in the coming months.

So You Think You Can

official!  Shirt
for Dessert
and 101
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
have gotten the green light for publication.
Now, WEbook is conducting a search for illustrations for these books, tapping
the extraordinary WEbook community to crowd-source those contributions. Naturally, selected illustrators will enjoy a
share of the royalties from sales of WEbooks.  To submit illustrations to Shirt for Dessert,
click here.
Things Every Man Should Know How to Do
, click here.
Details are included in the book info for each project. For tips on uploading
images into your WEbook submissions, check
out the FAQ.

Here Comes Election

After nearly two years of campaigning, you
might have heard that there is going to be an actual election in the U.S. What better reason for WEbookers across the
globe to get those vote-casting fingers ready. Starting October 21, WEbook will
begin accepting submissions of complete, book-length works for voting and
publication. On November 4th, the day of
the U.S. presidential election, drop by WEbook
to vote for the next hit book. (We’ll
give you two weeks – until November 18 – in case you’re too busy on the big

Thinking of submitting to WEbook’s
next voting cycle? Drop into the
and swap tips with other writers about preparing
for publication.

An Island of Democracy
in a Sea of Democracy

WEbook is all about
democracy. Now, with our new discussion forums,
you have one more place to turn your me
into WE. Have a question about the
nuts and bolts of writing
? Want to
connect with other novelists,
book writers
, or avid
? Need help getting over writer’s
? Or just
want to vent
about the guy who sits in the cubicle next to yours, whistling
Bolero all morning long? There’s a place for everything in WEbook’s brand new, re-designed forums. Take moment to read our guidelines, take a look
around, and join the

WEbook Tools Now 300%

WEbook veterans are
familiar with 911 Writer's Block, the nifty tool that gives stalled writers 12-volt blasts of
energizing settings, endings, verbs, and more – even ideas for how to kill off
a pesky character! Now the WEbook Toolbox tab offers two brand-new tools
to help you get the most out of your time on WEbook.

Thinking about starting a WEbook
project? Check out the Project Leader Guide for
tips on making your project that biggest, best, and all around baddest book on
the block. And if you’re looking for
ways to take your writing to the next level, visit WEbook Writing Secrets, an ever-growing
collection of tips for writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and everything
in between.

We look forward to seeing your writing, rating, and feedback
on the site. And, as always, we love
your feedback. Please feel free to drop
a note anytime to info [at] WEbook [dot] com with your thoughts and ideas on
these emails, the site, or anything else you would like to chat about.

Happy WEbooking!

Team WEbook

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  1. How do I edit the contents of my project?

  2. Try "Edit Project Settings" -- it's in the my TOOLS menu, in the upper left inside your project.
    To edit your submissions within a project, just go to the submission and click "Revise."


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