WEbooker of the WEek Makes Me Wish "Prolific" Came in Verb Form


A few weeks back, I invited readers
of this blog to nominate
their favorite WEbookers to
receive the unparalleled honor of being named WEbooker
of the WEek
. I received lots of
nominations, and witnessed countless acts of outstanding WEbooking. When the dust cleared, one very special WEbooker outshone all the
rest. He was nominated by WEbook’s
biggest fan
, GranisGrazin,
and his name, ladies and gentlemen, is RikScott.

According to RikScott’s profile, he’s
participated in NaNoWriMo five times,
and completed the challenge to write an entire 50,000-word novel in one month four out of
those five times. Let me say that
again: RikScott has written a whole
novel in one month. Four times. This seems inconceivable – until you
check out his WEbook ouevre and see that this guy is absolutely,
100% the real deal. He leads twelve
active projects, and has submissions in twenty-one other projects. Ordinarily, I would count up all his
submissions and let you know the total count, but, frankly, there’s a reason I
majored in English instead of math.

Quantity, of course, is not
everything, and that’s what makes RikScott so special. His work is funny, energetic, and extremely
contagious – every time I read one of his entries in the Semi-Circular
or The
Pure Imagination Dictionary
(such as psychosematicopharmicologicalschematographographer),
I find myself overcome with a nearly irresistible urge to drop whatever I’m
doing and devote the rest of my day to writing snappy, imaginative WEbook submissions. If WEbook
has already caused you to miss three big deadlines at work, you might want to
avoid checking out RikScott’s
stuff. If you’re looking for a little
jolt of vicarious writing energy, he’s just the thing.

RikScott spent five years in
the U.S. Army Special Forces, serving in both Vietnam and Thailand. He has attended seventeen schools, including
one where he received a business degree, and the most valuable thing all that
schooling taught him is how to type. RikScott also loves music,
acting, and radio.  With the help of a friend, he’s transformed his garage
into a recording studio, where he works on radio plays, sound effects, background music, and recording – as his time on WEbook permits, of course.

RikScott has been with WEbook
for about five weeks, and in his very own words, “they have been some of the
most amazing, glorious and productive weeks I can ever remember at a word
processor.  There are days when I spend twelve hours or more logged in and
reading, reviewing, and writing!  Most of what I have posted here has been
written directly into the WEbook editor,
something I enjoy doing as it makes participation here more immediate and fun.”

Dying to know more? RikScott was kind enough to
answer my most urgent and irrelevant questions.

Q: What was your biggest
childhood fear?

A: As a child I was issued a full set of normal fears: Being separated from my family in a crowded
place, unexpected loud noises, and being forced to eat foreign vegetables at a
friend's house for dinner.  But the scariest thing, I think, was the
dark.  Blessed (or cursed – you decide) with an active imagination, I
found it impossible not see things when the lights went out.  Elsewhere,
in a story, I've written that I can actually see air.  This is not a joke.
I've always been able to see it, and it makes me crazy if I think about
it.  Worse, I can see darkness.  Not just the absence of light, but
the actual stuff of darkness.  Darkness is made up of tiny floating points
of not-quite blackness that swirl and move, if you keep your eyes open and look
at them.

Q:  What's one thing you love to do that you don't get to do often

A: I love to teach.  I love to stand up in front of a large group of
people and teach them something, and make them laugh in the process.  My
favorite thing to talk about is the future: How technology will change our lives, and how it is changing everything, all the time.  But give me any topic
I'm conversant with – goal setting, writing, blowing things up – and I’ll have
a ball!

Q:  If you could have a wrestling match with any person, living or dead,
who would you choose?

A: Ooh.  Loaded question.  If I answered the question as if it
referred to physical wrestling, I would probably embarrass the readers. However, if I could engage in intellectual
wrestling – a full-on, no-holds-barred, non-contact match – I would have to say
Colin Wilson, a man of
incredible mind and depth.  I can only imagine what a mind-rush it would
be to spend time with a writer who not only writes outside the box, but
destroys it first.

Q: Describe your hometown in
four words.

A:  Seattle.  Rainy.  Aurora Borealis.

of the WEek

Do you have
a line on the wonderfullest writer on WEbook?
The fantastickest feedbacker? Or anyone else who goes above and beyond to make WEbook the best writing, reading, and
publishing community on the internet? Visit my profile and send me a
message with the title “WEbooker
of the WEek
” to nominate your favorite WEbooker and he or she will
have a shot at joining the ranks of the immortals – and getting a free WEbook T-shirt to boot.

-- Melissa

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