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What’s Van
Gogh’s favorite food?

Why, a
perfectly formed, delicious ear…of corn, of course.

Curious about
what Andy Warhol or Pablo Picasso might whip up in the kitchen on their days
off? How about Mussolini or Kim
Jong-il? Or even Buddha, Moses, or Mary

WEbooker Cahoots is putting together
some seriously comical cookbooks, and you’re invited to join. The Starving
Artist Cookbook
provides recipes based on artists from Basquiat to
Matisse. The
Dictator’s Cookbook
You guessed
it – “Even dictators need to take the time to eat.” The
Religious Iconography Cookbook
is a kitschy collection of recipes
featuring figures from the world’s major religions.  Cahoots
newest project, The Rock Star’s
, helps fans of Elvis, Iggy Pop, and The Rolling Stones find
their way around the kitchen.

Berry Mousse
? Hilarious! But would you want to eat it? Cahoots
assures readers that all entries are completely practical, and adapted from
classic recipes.

It all
started when Cahoots was
watching a news story about a woman who saw the Virgin Mary in a
rotten grape. If people see religious
imagery in food, figured Cahoots,
maybe they’ll have fun making food designed for their favorite religious
figures. The
Religious Iconography Cookbook
was born, and the other projects quickly

Cahoots is well aware that
these projects might touch a nerve for some. She explains: “We assume our
readers are bright and know what we are kidding about.  I find that all
things kitsch are a bit offensive.  1950s kitsch items are usually a
little sexist, but modern women still get a chuckle out of ‘em.  By having fun with all the religions and
making fun of the bad dictators of the world, I believe we are bringing them
all to the same level.  This makes us more human and more able to relate
to one another.  These books are not meant to strike terror in people, or
to bring about theological discussions – they’re strictly for fun.”

The best
part? All WEbookers are welcome to
contribute their own recipe ideas to The Dictator’s
and The Rock Star’s
WEbookers interested
in contributing to The Starving
Artist Cookbook
and The
Religious Iconography Cookbook
can request to join these projects.

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-- Melissa

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