Get Published: It's Voting Season at WEbook!


Why should the U.S. Presidential candidates get to have all the fun?  Here at WEbook, you can get in the running, too -- to become the next hot published author!

WEbook is now accepting submissions of complete, book-length manuscripts for publication.*  Beginning November 4, WEbook users will go to the polls, casting their votes for the projects that will become WEbook's next published books. 

How can I get my writing published at WEbook?

First, you have to put your book on WEbook.  If you're already there, congratulations!  If not, register for WEbook and click "Get Started Now," at the top right of most pages, to start your WEbook project. 

Or, you can contribute writing to one of the many multi-author projects in progress.  If you go this route, the person who started the project (known as the "Project Leader") gets to decide when to submit it for publication. 

Remember:  WEbook can only consider completed books for publication.  If you only have one story or poem, or your book isn't finished yet, keep writing!  You can submit your work to a future voting cycle once you're done.  WEbook runs voting cycles every 3-4 months to choose which books to publish.

If you have a complete book on WEbook, submit it for voting and publication by clicking "Submit Your Book" under the my TOOLS menu, in the upper left of your project.

How does voting work?

Writers can submit their books for voting and publication from October 21 through November 3.  Voting starts on November 4.  WEbook users read submitted projects, and give them the thumbs up (publish it!), thumb's down (don't think so), or thumbs neutral (don't know).  Voting ends November 18. 

Once voting is complete, WEbook carefully reviews the books that made it into the top 10%, and selects its next published books from this pool.  Selected authors will be offered a publishing contract, including a 50/50 share of profits from book sales.  All selected books will receive professional editing, proofreading, and design services, and published WEbooks will be available through the website and on

I have more questions about writing and publishing on WEbook!

Great!  Check out our FAQ and Project Leader Guide for all the tips and pointers you could ever need.  If you need more, write to info <at> webook <dot> com.

Get in the running

Sign up for WEbook today to start writing and voting!

-- Melissa

* "Complete, book-length manuscript" means that it can stand alone between two covers of a book.  There is no minimum word-count, and length will vary depending on the type of book.  A complete children's book may be only a few hundred words long; a novel, collection of short stories or essays, or a narrative non-fiction book will usually be between 50,000 and 100,000 words; and poetry books range from one long narrative poem (like Paradise Lost -- it's technically only one poem, but it's separated into chapters, and my little paperback edition is over 400 pages long) to collections including anything from around 50 to hundreds of poems.  When in doubt, compare your project to things you see at the bookstore.  Does it compare in length, completeness, and quality?

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