Hot off the Press: WEbook's Latest Improvements


WEbook took a giant leap forward today with the implementation of a new, improved profile page for every user.  Profiles now include information about what kind of WEbook projects you're interested in reading and writing.  Users can also choose to be known as writers, editors, feedbackers, readers, researchers, idea people, devil's advocates -- or all of the above!  Visit your profile through the "My WEbook" tab and take advantage of the nifty Profile Wizard to walk you through the set-up.

Sick of the WEbook Blue Man default avatar, but can't find another image that captures your essence?  The Profile Wizard now lets you choose from a gallery of sixteen funky WEbookers.  Personally, I can't decide which I like best -- the doggie or the superhero.

Other WEbook updates include re-vamped top navigation (the "People" tab now includes groups as well as writers and reviewers, and the new "Vote" tab helps you find the latest info on voting and publishing at WEbook) and a few improvements to your WEbook mailbox.

Start Writing Now!

WEbook is home to writers, readers, editors, doggies, and superheros.  To get started, sign up for WEbook today.

-- Melissa

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