WEbooker of the WEek Solves the Financial Crisis


You may know this WEek’s WEbooker, GranisGrazin, as the
author of the guest blog post “Top Ten
Things to Love about WEbook.”
you might know her from one of the 18 WEbook projects she leads or from the over 100 projects she has participated
in. You might even know her as Millie Gail
Grundy, B.L.O.B.
, the frumpy middle aged woman on the run from her
previously infuriating life.  A little
rough math (very rough) suggests that GranisGrazin is
contributing to WEbook at the rate of 2000-3000 words per day – not counting
feedback. Her writing ranges from whimsical
to inspirational to hilarious to devotional.

In fact, GranisGrazin
is such an extraordinary WEbooker, I almost forgot to name her WEbooker of the
WEek – until fellow
WoW RikScott
sent me a message telling me to wise up.

To help myself out with the wising-up process, I asked GranisGrazin to tell me
about herself.

grew up a blanketed (“not just overly insulated”) only child, and went on to
have “the largest family possible,” including five children of her own. She says she couldn’t decide what she wanted
to be when she grew up, so she’s done everything from binding tax bills to
running a campground. She has degrees in
library science, art education, and counseling. She spent 28 years in public education before retiring. On top of all this, GranisGrazin has an
impressive publication history, including 13 educational books for kids. (Read all about it here.)

GranisGrazin is a
cancer survivor, and she credits this experience with forming her mellow
temperament. According to her son, ever
since she had cancer, she sure is “a lot nicer!” GranisGrazin  says she simply doesn’t have time to lose her
temper or hold grudges – she’s having way too much fun living.

WEbookers as remarkable as GranisGrazin don’t come
along every day – so, of course, I took advantage of the situation to ask her
the one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind these days:

What is the solution
to the economic crisis in the U.S.?

Says GranisGrazin:

“I think the current crisis cannot rest on any one group's
shoulders, and the blame and answers are found from the top of the ladder to
the very bottom of the food chain.  I honestly believe this was due in
this country, and we are all going to have to go back and seize the ideas of a
couple of generations before us in terms of how we live and what we
expect.  I think it is time for an old fashioned outlook as far as making
do, abandoning the idea of living on credit and having to keep up with every
latest trend the media wants to tempt us with.

Wise words from a wise WEbooker.

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