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Haunted house It's Halloween, and WEbook is celebrating by unveiling a few very spooky site improvements!
Beware!  Undead Project Leaders can now close their projects for submissions.  This means that if a group of vampires is writing a collection of stories set in a crypt, their vampire Project Leader can decide when to stop accepting terrifying new stories.  How can such a hair-raising feat be accomplished?  It's easy: from the my TOOLS menu within a project, click "Edit Project Settings."  At the bottom, you'll see the option to close your project for submissions.  You can always re-open the project later if you decide you want more submissions.  (Note:  Regular, mortal Project Leaders can also close their projects.)

Updates If Project Updates on your personal homepage make you scream with fright, you're in for a treat!  Updates now appear in digest form, so you can see what's happening in your projects at a glance.  Still too scary?  No worries -- navigate to My Projects through the My WEbook tab, and you'll be able to pick and choose which projects you want to receive updates for.

In other news, the WEbook voting cycle is heating up!  Starting November 4, WEbookers will read and vote on over 500 books.  Your favorites could become the next published WEbooks!  To get a head start on the voting process, start reading today.  Voting is open from November 4 to November 18.  WEbookers can give projects the thumbs up (publish!), thumbs down (don't think so), and thumbs "nuetral" (don't know).  You can cast your vote for as many projects as you like, but only one vote per project.

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  1. yeah 500 project 400 of which are unfinished/ unstarted or dont fit the webook rules


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