WTF? It’s WEbooker of the WEek!


I have a lot of favorite projects on WEbook, and every once
in a while I realize that several of those projects are led by the very same
WEbooker.  Today is one of those
onces.  Our newest WEbooker of the WEek, MJ_Heiser, is the Project
Leader of Daily WTF? and More Daily WTF?, interactive
blogging projects that offer daily doses of “incredulity, silly observation,
and irreverent citizenship on Spaceship Earth.” 
She has also led seven different versions of the Triangle
, where writers contribute short stories that must incorporate
a pre-defined location, event, and item—the current challenge includes a pub, a
general election, and lipstick. 

But wait!  There’s

 MJ_Heiser is also writing a
novel, Corona, which more than one
WEbooker has nominated for WEbook Featured Project status.  Corona tells the story of
three thirty-something nobodies who are unexpectedly thrust into a brave new
world, where they’re “forced to find out what they're really made of,
confronting their own cowardice, malice, and complacency.”

But wait!  There’s even more!

is the author of the romance novel Turn the Page, about
a couple of garage band rockers whose sudden fame makes them long for home and
the comfort of their childhood friends.

So, who is this prolific, talented WEbook writer? 

started reading at the age of three, “encouraged every step of the way by a
father with a profound love of the written word.”  After winning a
bookworm award in grade school for reading the most books during the contest
period, she started dabbling with writing stories at the age of eight.  She’s
tried her hand at writing different genres, from chick lit/romance to short
story horror to screenplays. (“Please don't ask; the screenplays are DREADFUL.”) 
Says MJ_Heiser: “Reading
and writing are the ultimate form of escapism for me, and more rewarding every
day -- especially since stumbling across WEbook!”

Dying to know more? 
As always, WEbook asks the tough questions:

Q:  What are the three most important ingredients for a perfect day? 

A:  I live in Austin,
Texas; I wrote a WTF? regarding how
I really feel about the weather here
.  It is therefore essential that
the perfect day include high temperatures in the 70s and the opportunity for
rain.  (My poor desiccated grass!) 
Once that's a go, ingredient two is a drive around town to appreciate the
weather and the place I call home.  Finally, give me copious opportunity to
indulge my WEbook addiction (writing, reviewing, and general mayhem with my
friends), and success!  Days don't get any better!

Q:  What is your greatest writing

A: My story beginnings are as weak as cheap beer.  I struggle through them
until I hit my stride (usually by the fifth chapter), then go back and try to
address the deficiencies.  WEbook is such a godsend for me in that regard;
I have friends here who are unflinchingly honest in their feedback, and once I
got past my ego, I learned enough to feel much more confident in beginning new

Q:  What's the last really great
book you read?

A:  Based on a recommendation by jamesmcshane, I read A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled
Hosseini.  The prose was lyrically beautiful, even through the more
harrowing scenes, and the entire journey made me appreciate all of the
liberties I'm afforded.  Higher fuel prices have nothing on having your
home destroyed by militant extremists.

Q:  If you could send a secret
message to anyone in the world, what would you say? 

A:  Boy, this blows the secret right out
of the water, doesn't it?  I think I'd want to send a message to a random
politician currently running for office, threatening to expose him if he
doesn't cough up support for our love child.  Just a little chaos in an
effort to make things more interesting; boredom is for chumps.

Q:  What piece of WEbook writing
are you most proud of?

A:  I'm most proud of Corona, but I'm not sure I
deserve to be.  I've already had to explain several times that the book
has written itself;  I just played hall monitor, ensuring all the pieces
made it back to class at the same time.  I will say, however, that Corona has accomplished
everything I wanted to accomplish for a true freshman effort, bringing together
my love of religious symbolism, allegory, fantasy, and the struggle of Good vs.
Evil in the creative process.

Q:  What's your favorite WEbook
project NOT started by you?

A:  I can only name one? 
Really?  There is so much good work on this website that my visits to my
branch library have taken a nosedive.  We Should Meet by ArtemisX5 is exceptional; the
story is told completely via dialogue (it originated with the Pure Dialogue
project, led by hitogoroshi),
and after a while you forget to miss the exposition.  The
Dark Crusade of Robinson Stone
by jamesmcshane is up and
running as well, and every chapter gives me just enough to keep me fascinated
and rooting for this Irish anti-hero.  Wee Books, led by cindi_greene, is a
serialized story format, a multi-writer version of a format revitalized by
Stephen King's Green Mile.  And
one can never go wrong with anything written by former WoWs GranisGrazin
and RikScott.

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