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I love a WEbooker who brings writers together -- like DomUnique, WEbooker of the
WEek.  “Dom,” as his friends on the site
call him, is the leader of seven poetry projects that are open to all WEbookers
– several of which are currently vying for publication in the WEbook Voting

Po-me Poetry and Po-me Poetry II
collect “empathic poems that people can read and relate to their own problems.”  According to DomUnique, “Po-me stands for
"Poor me" and it's like my spin on the "Chicken Soup for the
Soul" series. Everybody has a story to tell and I put no rules or
restraints. I like to allow people to be themselves and the members like that
and come back often. Vent, cry, plead, yell. My goal is to get various viewpoints
on different issues so that those who can relate to these stories can find
peace of mind that what they are feeling is normal and they are not alone.”

In 2 Words, WEbookers have
written a series of poems with only two words in each line. 

And, for those who thrive on a little friendly conflict, Battle Me invites
WEbookers to direct their wit and way with words against their fellow
writers.   Visit the project to see
your favorite WEbook poets go head to head – and, if you’re feeling brave,
write your own submission and challenge another WEbooker to come out and play.

So how did DomUnique
become such a great leader of group poetry projects?  In his own words:  “I'm the oldest of 11 so I learned to be a
good listener/counselor. I didn't have anyone to relate my problems to so I
held a lot in and began to write. I didn't really consider myself good until I
was 15. Four novels, two screenplays, and many poems later, writing is still my

Find out more about DomUnique
by visiting his profile and reading his work on WEbook.

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