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One of the coolest
things about WEbook is the diversity of
our writing community.  We’re home to
writers from all over the globe, young and old, from all different

Nrhatch, today’s WEbooker of
the WEek, is on her third career.  She
always wanted to be a writer, but somehow she ended up in law school.  After thirteen years as a defense litigation
attorney, Nrhatch had a wake
up call – in the form of a tumor – which reminded her that “it doesn’t make
sense to postpone happiness, since life is inherently uncertain.”

So she gave it all up
and became a writer – right? Well, not
just yet.  First, she spent ten years
working in the non-profit world.  She ran
a domestic violence crisis intervention team, and then an AmeriCorps program.

Then, last spring, Nrhatch quit her job and
was preparing to sell her house and move to Florida, when, in her words:  “The contract on our house fell
through, just as the real estate market, the economy, and my
computer hard drive all crashed.” 
She lost all the writing files she’d been working on in her spare time,
and didn’t know what to do.  Then she
found WEbook, and decided to start over again as part of this writing

Nrhatch is involved in many
projects on WEbook, as a writer, reader, proof-reader, editor, and project
leader.  Her favorite projects are those that make her laugh.  Says
Nrhatch: “I've seen enough
negatives in my life . . . now I want to focus on
positives.  So, my writing tends to veer from the seamier,
steamier issues of life to focus on love, laughter, happiness, peace,
and contentment.”    

She is most proud of her
semi-autobiographical novel, Back Stage Pass,
which is nearing completion of its first draft.  The book is not open
for feedback just yet, but Nrhatch
promises to make it available as soon as she gets through some preliminary editing and proofreading.

To get to know the real Nrhatch , I asked a few tough

Q: If you could choose between a long phone call
with someone you miss, or a surprise letter in your mailbox from the very same
person, which would you choose? 

A:  Letters are nice, as they can be read and
re-read.  But for someone that I really missed, I'd prefer a phone call,
with the opportunity for immediate back and forth, and laughter. 

Q: What are 3 things that inspire you to write?

A: Sharing what I've learned about life, love,
and the pursuit of happiness with others.  Spreading laughter. 
Helping people to keep the ups and downs of life in perspective by reminding
them that "how you relate to the issue, is the issue."  

Q:  What's your greatest writing weakness?

A:  My greatest writing weakness has been the
fear of success.  I love being anonymous -- no one cares what I do or say
as I go through my daily life.  Loss of anonymity is the price paid
for fame and fortune.  Ideally, I'd like people
to read what I've written, without caring too much about who wrote
it. In other words, I'll take the fortune, without the fame. 

Q:  How
about your greatest non-writing weakness?

A:  My greatest non-writing
weakness has been trying "to please all of the people, all
of the time" -- an impossibility, of course.  This summer, I
gave myself permission to stop trying to please others at the expense of my own
happiness.  It's been liberating for me . . . and frustrating for
certain "acquaintances" who no longer get exactly what they want
from me, exactly when they want it.       

Q:  Name one thing you know now that you
didn't know 10 years ago.  How about 20 years ago?

A: I can't say exactly
when I learned the following, but they are integral to my increasing happiness:

Ships are safe in
harbor, but that's not what ships are for.  In order to discover our
purpose, and pursue it with passion, we need to stop playing it
safe.  We need to let go of the shore, and let billow our sails.  We
need to let life unfold, rather than trying to read from a script that we wrote
for ourselves when we were younger, and less experienced.

We have as many
reputations as we have acquaintances, and none of them is accurate.  If we
try to correct these inaccurate impressions, we won't have energy
left for our creative endeavors.  So, instead of wasting time
worrying about what others think about me at any given moment of
time, I focus my efforts on being able to say, with confidence,
"Who I am is who I want to be!"

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