New on WEbook: Writing Feedback Compliments



Brilliant! Elightening
Enlightening! Indepth
In-depth! Motivating
Motivating! Practical
Practical! Unique

Does that describe any of the feedback you've gotten on your WEbook writing? Now you can let everyone know!

New writing feedback compliments let you tag feedback that's particularly helpful. The compliment will get saved on the feedbacker's profile, so everyone can see how great s/he is. Only the leader of a project and the author of a piece can compliment feedback -- everyone else will just have to applaud wildly in the privacy of their own homes.

Also new on WEbook today: Check out your profile for nifty new badges letting everyone know if you're a writer, reader, editor, feedbacker, devil's advocate, idea person, researcher -- or all seven!

As always, we welcome your feedback -- drop us a note at info <at> webook <dot> com to let us know how we're doing.

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