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The results from WEbook's second voting and publication cycle are in! WEbook users voted for over 500 submissions. We considered the top 10% of vote-getters, along with a select handful of books that got an overwhelmingly positive response from fewer readers. We narrowed the field to five finalists, and gave two of those finalists the green light for publication. WEbook will offer the authors of the green-lighted books a publication contract, and the two new books will be available in mid 2009.

The Winners

The Colour Caster,
by Winterjazz
A 40-something divorcee fights for custody of her autistic son, who holds the key to unspeakable powers. Can she protect her son as forces converge to reveal his destiny?

Expat Ex-Pat Journal, by 23 WEbook writers
From a harrowing bus ride in Tanzania to the power of "hello" in a remote Chinese province, more than 30 essays capture the essence of what it's really like to be a stranger in a strange land.

Runners Up

God and the Other,
by KristinaMeister

Millie Gail Grundy, B.L.O.B.,
by GranisGrazin

by MJ_Heiser

For more information about voting and publication at WEbook, please visit our FAQ.

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